Are You introvert or Avoid Office Parties? 17 Ways to Overcome This Fear

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Office parties are tricky territory for anyone. But to an introvert. even the simplest party can be a daunting prospect. Equipped with the right tools, introverts can learn how to successfully tackle work functions and even begin to enjoy them!

The 5 Main Traits of an introvert

  1. They are drained by social interaction and overly stimulating environments.
  2. They need time to think before speaking and dislike small talk.
  3. They process greater volumes of information, which is why they tire easily from overstimulation.
  4. They are reserved around large groups or unfamiliar people, but more sociable and gregarious around people they know well.
  5. They are self-aware, which can mean feeling self-conscious in large groups.

Here are 17 tips to bring out the best in an introvert before, during and after a work party.

1. Decide if it’s worth attending

If it’s an event where your presence isn’t really required, it might be worth conserving your energy for more important upcoming gatherings


Don’t say you’ll attend if you have no intention of doing so -this could irritate your colleagues Be honest.

2. Set a goal for the party

Having a goal in mind can help make it easier to socialise, If you want to get to know a new colleague, make a beeline for them at some point. If you’re hoping to get in your boss’ good books ahead Of an important meeting. spend some time with them.

3. Practice makes perfect

It might seem a little extreme. but having a think about introductory topics and conversation starters before the event will put you in good stead.

4. Charge your batteries

Introverts need downtime before crowds and stimulation. Set some time aside to read a book. watch Netflix or do whatever makes you feel most relaxed.

5. Recruit a wingman (or woman)

Attend the event with a colleague that you’re already comfortable with. That way, you have a buddy to keep you company while you’re acclimatizing to your surroundings.

6. Arrive early

It’s harder to break into established conversations, so think twice before arriving fashionably late.

7. Wear a conversation starter

You might not usually wear a ‘loud’ piece of clothing, but a striking necklace or a colorful tie can be an easy way to initiate a conversation and swerve the usual small talk.

8. Make eye contact

Get into the habit Of noticing the other persons eye color, This helps to non- verbally create an instant connection

9. Find (or make) a quiet spot

You might find your energy levels dipping during the event. That could mean spending time in the bathroom or chatting to a fellow introvert.

10. Don’t drink too much

It can be tempting to bolster up some Dutch courage, however drinking alcohol in excess is a risky game, Waking up With regrets could put you off attending future parties.


Swap alcoholic drinks for coke or soda and lime at various intervals You’ll save money and still blend in with colleagues who won’t be able to tell that you’re sipping an alcohol- free soft drink.

11. Offer a helping hand

lf you find yourself at a loose end (leaving you more time to fret), fill the time with helpful tasks like party preparation or assisting with the clean-up.

12. Accept small talk for what it is

Although might be tedious to an introvert, just see it as the first step to more meaningful conversations.

13. Have an escape plan

If your energy levels have dipped and you don’t want a convoluted round of goodbyes, find out how you can swiftly slip out. Having that control will make you feel more relaxed.


Prepare for your journey home noting public transport times or downloading an app to order a taxi.

14. Wind down

Top your energy levels back up by rewarding yourself with some quiet time. Having a bath or a talking a walk can be good ways to switch off

15. Build on conversations

Refer to conversations or events that took place at the party It’s a simple way to build rapport with colleagues you might not usually get a chance to.

16. Get back to work

If the party was on a weeknight, it’s possible that one or two of your colleagues won’t make it into the office the next day Don’t be one of those people!

Top Tip

Use this technique to Strike up a conversation with senior management It’s a clever tactic for building relationships with key makers – especially handy if you’re hoping for a promotion.

17. Give yourself a pat on the back

Attending an office party is no easy feat for an introvert, so you should congratulate yourself!

Social events are typically suited to extroverts – but these simple techniques by small biz trends will help any introvert conquer their next office.

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