Know The Essentials For When You Plan That Bachelor Party

Bachelor-Party-EssentialsWhen it is time for your friend to be tamed, to move from the realm of the single and the wild to become a husband and a father, it is a momentous occasion in his life. It goes without saying that his goal will be to go through this process once. It might not pan out that way but when it happens, exiting a bachelor’s life is something he is only thinking of doing once. So, naturally, he is going to want to have one last almighty party. Something completely memorable that will stay in his memory for years to come as he negotiates the ups and downs and compromises of marriage. If you are the person tasked with organizing this party, you are going to want to do the occasion justice. Here are a few things that you might want to consider as part of your planning.

Nudity is nice

There is almost an expectation for there to be nudity at a bachelor party and there are plenty of places that will allow for and cater to this. If these are not the types of places that you frequent on a regular basis then a quick Google search for something like ‘bucks party Brisbane’ should be enough to point you in the direction of a suitable establishment. Lap and table dances will be the order of the day as well as plenty of drinking. Book ahead to make sure that you get a table in a good spot and look to arrange some suitable entertainment for the groom-to-be. If you know what sort of woman he tends to fancy, make sure that there are plenty that meets this requirement to dance the night away for him.

Activities are great

A typical bachelor party will have an eclectic mix of people attending. It might have his father and father-in-law-to-be. There will obviously be his friends, but also potentially husbands of the wife’s friends. In short, not everybody will know each other and there may well be a mix of attitudes toward what constitutes fun. So maybe start the day off with an activity that everyone can participate in. Paint-balling, go-cart racing or tenpin bowling are good options. They build bonds and are a nice and simple way for people to get to know each other.

A buck’s party needs healthy drinks

That is almost the first rule of a buck’s party. The goal should always be to ensure that the bachelor doesn’t pay for anything and you need to make sure that the guests know this beforehand – so that they always chip in more than just what they have had. Then make sure that wherever you are there is a steady flow of booze. The last thing that you want is to be running around trying to find beer when you get to the paintball venue. It will just detract from the overall experience. But I will recommend please don’t drink alcohol, it is very harmful to your health.


Make sure that along the way there are opportunities to stop and eat. Ideally at a place that serves good food. This is not something that you will find at a strip club or at go-cart racing. Rather than book a table at a restaurant, you can also look for hen party houses and make sure you spend some time there along the way.

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