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Launching Large – 5 Tips for Creating an Epic Business Launch

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Epic Business LaunchStarting a new business is an exciting occasion for any entrepreneurial soul. And with the right planning, it can be exciting for your new customers as well. While many companies opt to go for the “soft” opening approach, there’s something quite refreshing about going big and bold. Find out below how you can create an epic business launch that boosts your enterprise onto the radar of your target market.


If you’re worried about how to draw in new customers, then you can’t go wrong with promotional products. After all, who doesn’t love getting something for free?

In the lead-up to the big day, spend time on branding to create custom products you can give away to anyone who walks through the door. Pens, candy, caps, environmentally friendly merchandise, and even branded coffee mugs can all be sure-fire ways to get people showing up to your big launch.


You could have a business that gives away free Porsches to every customer, but unless you advertise that fact, no-one will be driving away in a flash new car. The best way to achieve a grand launch is with an advertising budget to match the turnout you hope to achieve.

Over seven million people advertise on Facebook alone, so is social media where you need to be? In the weeks or months leading up to your launch, start laying the groundwork in online advertising, radio, and even print. The broader your reach, the better your launch is likely to be.

Expert Help

You might be an expert at running your business, working with customers, and selling products, but are you an expert in launching new businesses successfully? If not, focus on your core skills and call in the experts to handle everything else.

Sometimes, the best way to get that successful first day of business is by investing in someone who does this for a living. Fortunately, there are thousands of event planners across the country who will be more than happy to handle the opening day for you.


Of course, the venue for your new business launch is going to be the business itself, but is it prepared for the number of visitors you’re expecting? Spare a thought for the logistics of opening day.

Do you have enough chairs? Are your banners, media walls, and signage clear enough for what’s going on? Do you have enough staff to help with all the extra customers? A lot of planning needs to go into not only the advertising and promotion of your event but the logistics of where you plan to put all those people who turn up.

That Something Extra

It’s undeniably exciting to see a new business opening its doors. Still, there needs to be something extra to pull people in for a closer look. Alongside free promotional products, think about forms of entertainment, on-the-day giveaways, and open-day discounts for people to grab themselves a bargain.

You can also advertise and promote activities, events, and points of difference in the lead-up to the launch to give people even more of a reason to schedule it in their diaries. Thousands of businesses open their doors annually, so make yours stand out.

Opening day is a massive milestone for any hard-working business owner, but its success or failure relies entirely on your planning. Don’t underestimate the value of freebies and activities, and request the help of experts for advertising and event planning if necessary. The more effort you put in, the more successful your big day can be.

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