Reduce Stress Stuck Traffic

How to Reduce Stress When Stuck in Traffic

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Reduce Stress Stuck TrafficIt is stressful being stuck in a traffic jam, whether you are going to work or home. Chances are when you are stress, the more it will affect your next behavior which is not good. You can either hurt your productivity at work or hurt your partner’s feelings at home. These are the primary reasons why you should not get stressed when stuck in a traffic jam.

Here are the tips that you can do to reduce stress when stuck in traffic:

  1. You must avoid checking your phone, email, and social media

– Study shows that constant engagement through social media increases stress. It is fine to check social media in your free time, but not in stressful situations such as being stuck in traffic. The stuff you will see on social media will make your feeling worst.

  1. You must avoid listening to the news

You are only looking for an excuse to use when you

  1. Listen to your go-to music.

Whether you are a music lover or not, you have your go-to music when you feel something negative such as stress. Your go-to music will calm your state being.

  1. Meditate.

Meditation is the best way to reduce stress, and it is proven throughout the hundred years of practice by the gurus and health experts. You can meditate in your car by listening to calm music and spraying fragrance with a relaxing scent. A simple breathing practice will do the trick.

  • Take a deep breath for 2 seconds.
  • Then repeat it 4 times.

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  1. Read something that is educating.

You should be keeping books, magazines, and newspapers inside your car. It is the best time to increase your learning as the next big idea might be around the corner.

  1. Write your goals and keep thinking about it.

Aside from the reading materials, bring a pen and journal as well. The golden saying quoted that history makers are note-takers.

More reasons why you should not dwell stress when stuck in traffic:

You have to realize that you don’t have control over the heavy traffic, but you can control how you will react. Choices are: you will be very frustrated, you will overthink and stress too much, or you will calm down and do what is necessary.

The third choice is the best of the rest. You can get mad and frustrated over the traffic, but the truth is none of the negative emotions you throw will move the car in front of you. You accept that you might get scolded for being late, but you can be productive to avoid more trouble. When you go home, you will not argue over small things with your partner. It is like a domino effect.

Most importantly, you will carefully drive when you are calm. You can correct your mistake but never take life back if things go wrong. Drive safely!

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