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MarryBrown Malaysia

Marrybrown is a true success story to emerge out of Malaysia. They opened their first store in Malaysia back in 1982 and have since then become popular all around the world. Though originally a local Malaysian fast food restaurant, today it has a presence in more than 20 countries and operates around 350 outlets all around the globe. When we read MarryBrown’s history, it has introduced the world to Malaysian flavor and Malaysian recipes. You can also find some American-styled dishes at marry brown. In this article, we will skim through the marry brown menu and discuss the dishes that you can enjoy at your local marry brown store.

Marrybrown Malaysia’s Top Dishes

So let’s get started and see what mouth-watering dishes are on offer at marry brown stores.

Cheese Burgermalaysian-Cheese-Burger

This is perhaps the most common food item that you can find at almost all of the fast-food joints.

So why would you take a trip to the Marrybrown store when you can have a cheeseburger almost everywhere? The answer lies in the taste. Once you have tasted a cheeseburger at a Marrybrown store, you won’t decide to go to another fast food joint again. Though a simple dish, it tastes far better as compared to other cheeseburgers that you can order at other fast-food restaurants. The patty is nice and soft and is full of flavor. There is more than enough cheese to keep your taste buds engaged. One of the issues that we have noticed with other cheeseburgers is that their cheese is a tad bit too salty. But the cheese, in this case, is just as it should be i.e. just perfect.Chick-A-Licious


This is an original Marrybrown recipe that you won’t find at any other fast-food restaurant. It has a Malaysian twist to it. The chicken pieces are cooked to perfection. Served with fresh coleslaw, it tastes delicious. The dish comes with black pepper sauce and mushroom sauce which makes the entire dish worth it. It’s a thousand times better than your average fried chicken. This is perhaps one of the most popular dishes in the Marrybrown menu which can be delivered by Foodpanda Malaysia at your workplace, home, or anywhere in the quickest delivery time.

Lucky Plate:Malaysian-food

Again an original recipe. This dish is based around the fried chicken pieces. In this case, we can say that the fried chicken is the star of the show. It comes with two bun pieces. At first, you might say what’s the point of including buns with fried chicken pieces?

The buns go with mashed potatoes that are served on the side. Along with two fried chicken pieces, two buns, and mashed potatoes, you are also served with freshly cut coleslaw salad. For someone who is looking forward to having a wholesome meal, a lucky plate is definitely an option worth considering. You can even order your lucky plate online. Marrybrown delivery usually takes somewhere between thirty-five to forty minutes to deliver.

Nasi Marrybrown:Malaysians nasi marry-brown

Usually, people do not go to fast-food restaurants for dinner. But marrybrown is an exception here. The food at Marrybrown is wholesome and nutritional. Though it is known as a fast food joint, you can enjoy food that falls out of this fast-food category.

Nasi Marrybrown is one such dish that we cannot count as fast food. It is something that you can have for dinner. The dish includes delicious steamed rice. These are not your regular steamed rice. The rice is cooked in coconut milk. Rice is served with veg, sambal, anchovies, and lemongrass. Don’t worry about the proportions. The chicken, rice, coleslaw and sambaol are all well-proportioned so that you don’t leave wanting for more. For one person, a single order of Nasi Marrybrown would be more than enough.

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