Foods that Can Make Your Skin Clear and Soft


So you want to achieve the clear and soft skin but skincare products and procedures are way too fancy for you? You may want to focus on other things instead. Lotions, creams, moisturizers, make-ups, and other skincare products are truly essential to have clear and soft skin but why not try focusing on other things like having a good sleep of at least eight hours a day, exercising regularly, and choosing the right foods to achieve your desired results?

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One of the leading problems that most of us are experiencing today is acne. Common factors that cause this skin problem are gender, age, and heredity. Since not every one of us can afford to go to clinics and laboratories to address the different skin problems that each of us is experiencing, one vital thing to control is your diet. Having these foods can make your skin clear and soft.

  1. Fatty fish – fishes that have omega-3 helps in fighting inflammation, the example of which are salmon, mackerel, and sardines. The good fats found in these fishes also aids in keeping healthy cell membranes that protect the cell from harmful and damaging things while letting the nutritious bits in. having fish in our diet is a must, a few times every week is just right!
  2. Nutritional yeast – B vitamins are essential in having maximum skin health because it helps in the retention of moisture and fighting redness. Nutritional yeast does not contain the b vitamin alone, it also has folate, thiamine, niacin, and B-6 which are needed by the body.
  3. Walnuts – adding enough amount of walnuts in your meal, stir-fry, salad, and oatmeal can make a big difference for it contains antioxidants, an essential fatty acid –omega 3, and selenium.
  4. Zinc – For a normal and optimal sebaceous gland function, the rightful presence of Zinc in the diet is an important thing. People suffering from acne-prone skin are those with a low amount of Zinc in their diet. It is recommended to consume poultry, pumpkin seed, lean red meat, and fish to have enough amount of Zinc in the body.
  5. Fermented foods – A healthy gut means a healthy body and foods like sauerkraut, yogurt, and Kimchee keep the microflora in the gut balanced. Consuming fermented foods more than two times every week is recommended.
  6. Green herbs – and essential parcel for clear, soft, and healthy skin is Vitamin A. Herbs like Parsley, watercress, and basil have an ample amount of vitamin A in them. These greens contain very rich amount of Vitamin A that consuming a lot is not necessary, a sprinkle to your food will do for your diet.
  7. Garlic – this is known for its antimicrobial and antibacterial property brought by allicin. Garlic indeed combat blemishes. Additionally, it has a smoothing and anti-aging effect which means it aids in enhancing the flow of blood and lessening inflammation.
  8. Green tea – this beverage is advised to become a part of the daily diet due to the potent antioxidants that it has –polyphenols and catechins. It is advised to consume two to three cups of tea every day. Also, it can prevent the formation of acne and reduce the puffiness of tired eyes.

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