Maryland Family Vacation Destinations and Things to Do with Kids

Maryland Family Vacation Destinations

 The Chesapeake Bay and blue crabs are synonymous with Maryland. But outside of that, there is so much more to know about Maryland.

If you do some research about the US states, one of the oldest in Maryland. Indeed, you may find reference to it as Miniature America or the Free State.

Another thing that becomes pretty clear is how rich in culture and history it is. You may have heard of the brave Maryland soldiers who gained fame during the revolution. A mention of the Old Line will tell the old timers that you know about the state.

And of course, we can’t forget how much fun you will have while visiting. Read on for Maryland family vacation destinations and things to do with kids.

Family-Friendly Vacation Destinations in Maryland

Use our guide below for some must-visit Maryland destinations for you and your family.

1. St. Michaels for Best Family Resorts in Maryland

When traveling with the family, especially with kids, it is crucial to plan well. One of the first things would be to research the best places to stay in Maryland. And St. Michaels would most likely come up.

St. Michaels has its origins as a colonial village. The inhabitants were famous for shipbuilding and oystering.

Due to its location along the eastern shore, St Michaels is a popular destination for a broad mix of people. The history, food, shopping, and water activities ensure there is plenty to do for the whole family.

One of the best Maryland family resorts is the premier St. Michaels Hotel. Serenity is the word that best captures the ambiance and mood of the place. There is something so relaxing about the water flow in the Chesapeake Bay. The adults can enjoy spa facilities, wellness activities, golfing, tennis, and more.

And, you can be sure the kids will love this family-friendly resort. There are plenty of water activities, including the chance to explore St. Michaels by boat.

2. The National Aquarium in Baltimore

The National Aquarium is in Inner Harbor in Baltimore. You will love how the kids’ eyes light up once you enter the venue. If we use a word to describe this man-made setting, it would be wondrous. A team of very talented individuals worked together to create natural-looking habitats.

And, let’s not forget the thousands of animals your kids will get to see up close. Check out the outstanding Amazon Rainforest River, Atlantic Coral Reef, and Dolphin Discovery. You can also sign up for sunrise tours, dolphin training sessions, and shark/dolphin tours.

The Living Seashore exhibit is a favorite with kids. It could have something to do with the discovery wall, touch tables, and touch pools. The 4D displays are also out of this world.

Finally, we save the best for last. Imagine spending the night next to the giant fish tanks. Yes, you can sleep over at the aquarium on Friday night. Imagine waking up to a giant shark looking at you through the thick glass. Please note, though, your kids must be above the age of 8.

A visit to the aquarium goes beyond mere fun. The kids experience what they hear about in a classroom in the simulated environment. And, the same applies to you as well. You can be sure of learning a lot.

3. Six Flags America Theme Park in Woodmore CPD

In the spirit of finding descriptive words, Six Flags America is Iconic. Open in 1961, the theme park has become a family-friendly destination. One which attracts thousands of fun-seeking visitors.

Despite the rather serious name, the place is super kid-friendly. Think heart-pumping roller coaster rides and the less intense kiddie rides. Plan your visit around Independence Day. The firework display is worth experiencing.

Now, there is one thing you will love, and that is the Flash Pass. You know how tedious waiting in line to reach the ticketing window is. Well, at Six Flags, you don’t have to do that.

Since 2010, visitors can queue in a virtual line. Yes, that means you can enjoy other activities as you wait your turn in the many park activities.

Main Street 776, Looney tunes movie town, and Coyote Creek are major attractions. Gotham City brings characters like the Joker and Superman to life.

Enough said, put this in you must visit Maryland family vacation destination.

4. NASA Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt

Space mysteries, rockets, astronauts, and more. You will get that at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt.

One word to describe the NASA Research Center is fascinating. Imagine giving the kids a chance to experience what it is like to be in a rocket. Forget the kids for a minute. You will probably be the first one in line. Donning the helmet and space suit transforms the whole experience.

Gaze into the universe at the Solarium. Experience interactive exhibitions, and explore the rocket graveyard/garden. It will all make you feel like you have left planet Earth for a moment. Imagine how much fun the kids will have with their science projects after the visit.

Talk about entertainment, education, and family time in one fun location. All this, without spending a single cent, because the venue does not charge.

5. National Harbor on the Potomac River Banks

The National Harbor sits on the Potomac River bank. It makes it to our Maryland family vacation destinations list because of the many activities. So, if we think of descriptors, they would be words like exhilarating and fun-filled.

There is no shortage of family-friendly activities like shopping, dining, exploring sites, and more. Make sure the kids get to experience the National Harbor carousel. Pack a picnic and enjoy family time in one of the many locations.

Once the kids go to bed at one of the family resorts in Maryland, it is adult time. One way to enjoy insane night views is on the Capital Wheel. Imagine seeing parts of Potomac, the harbor, and other locations at night from 180 feet in the air.

Also, make time to visit the promenade. You will find plenty of stores, eateries, street dining, art exhibitions, and more.

Final Thoughts

There is, and should never be, a dull moment in Maryland. The place has everything you need for entertainment, education, family time, and more.

Further, there are family resorts in Maryland that offer excellent accommodation facilities. Go ahead, put Maryland in your must-visit location, and see everything it has to offer.

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