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A 5-Step Guide To Starting A Fleet Management Company

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Fleet Management Company

The fleet management industry is worth billions, and if you’re someone who wants to work in a demanding but rewarding role, then a career in this exciting world might be for you. If you’re entrepreneurial, you might have even considered starting your own fleet management company, and in this guide, we’ll be breaking down this process into five straightforward steps.

Put Together A Business Plan

No start-up business is complete without a thorough, comprehensive business plan that both you and your stakeholders can rely on. When you’re in the early stages, this is the best time to gather your thoughts and decide exactly what you want your business to look like and how you want to run it. Think carefully about how you’ll market your services too – as the world moves online, it’s important to consider new digital ways of reaching your target audience.

Research Your Legal Obligations

As a fleet manager, you’ll need to meet some strict legal obligations to ensure that your business is operating safely and responsibly. First, you should get your USDOT number so that your drivers can work across a number of locations, and then look into the International Fuel Tax Agreement and BOC-3 to make sure that you’re all up to date. Remember that regulations can change over time, so take note of how you’ll stay in the know, and when you’ll organize refresher training for your staff.

Hire Qualified Drivers

While it’s tempting to hire cheap employees when you first launch your business, there are a few points that you should keep in mind throughout the initial recruitment process. Firstly, experienced and highly qualified drivers will be able to bring with them a level of expertise to your business that newcomers won’t, and more importantly, safety is paramount for fleets. Don’t let your start-up fail before it’s even gotten going due to an accident that could have been avoided with qualified drivers.

Prioritize Driver Development

Just because you’ve hired great staff, it doesn’t mean that your work is done when it comes to your drivers. Prioritizing meaningful training and development is a great way to boost the early successes of your company, and you can find a number of fleet driver training programs that are perfect for adults of all backgrounds and experience levels.

Source The Right Technology

Although your fleet management company will focus primarily on the work that’s completed by your dedicated team of drivers, investing in the right technology is one of the best ways that you can support them in the early stages. Telematics like GPS trackers and collision warning software are great tools that come with a host of benefits, including increased driver safety and cost savings.

We understand that launching a business is daunting, and as a fleet management company, you’ll have a lot of work to do to get things underway. However, by following these top 5 tips, you can be sure that your new venture will pay off in no time! By prioritizing driver training, legal compliance, and the right tech, you’ll have happy drivers and impressed customers before you know it.

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