Men’s Leather Gloves – What do you need to know?

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Men-Leather-GlovesLeather gloves have been a staple item for luxury outfits for decades. Nothing beats a cashmere lined pair of luxury leather gloves on a winters morning. Despite men’s leather gloves being the main fashion statement for multiple outfits. A wide range of the general public do not know what to look for when buying a pair of Men’s Leather Gloves. With multiple styles and many colours to choose from, it takes time to find the style that suits your needs and wants from a pair of gloves. Not only do you want the Gloves to make a statement but to also be good from a practical point of view in varying weather conditions. 

We want to hear from you, have you recently bought a pair of leather gloves? What made you choose a certain style, colour, or lining? Below is a brief guide of some of the main things you should look out for!

What are some of the main styles of leather gloves?

As with any form of clothing, there are multiple styles when it comes to gloves – The main two types of leather gloves are outlined below

Dress Gloves – these are a great choice when paired with a suit or more formal attire. Often lined with lambskin, cashmere and other great insulators dress gloves are a good glove for the winter months providing style with practicality. 

Casual Gloves – these are used for less formal events perhaps a walk with the dog or a social event where practicality is of the most importance. Whilst dress gloves come in black and darker colours there are multiple options when it comes to casual gloves with lighter colours used. 

In addition to the above, there are many other variations for you to be aware of such as cuffs, points, and other details when choosing gloves. You can get very technical so we advise you to research glove styles that you like and check that these meet your requirements.

Do you want your Gloves to be Lined?

One of the most common features when it comes to leather gloves is the various linings that are available. The most common types of lining found with leather gloves are deerskin, sheepskin, cashmere, and silk-lined gloves. All have their benefits and all provide warmth during the winter months whilst remaining fashionable for the wearer. It is always important to check the validity of the provider you are getting gloves to make sure that the advertised materials are 100% true and are as described. 

Some other things to take into account when buying your leather gloves

When buying gloves there is a range of things that you should look out for, not just the style and appearance of the gloves but also a range of practical and environmental questions. Some of the main things to think about are outlined below

Size of the glove

Making sure that you have correctly measured your hand so that the glove you choose fits perfectly is key.  The last thing you want to do is for your new pair of gloves to arrive only to find that they do not fit your hand properly. All gloves are different and it is important to check the sizing guides specific to the manufacturer of the glove you are buying. Taking the time to do this now will avoid any disappointment and also the need to sort and returns and exchanges.

Where are the gloves being produced?

Many advertisers of gloves fail to mention where the gloves are being manufactured and sourced –  hand made gloves have higher attention to detail and are likely to last much longer than mass-produced gloves – we strongly recommend that you find out a bit more about gloves you are buying to see how good the quality really is. 

We hope that you have taken something away from this article and are now better equipped when it comes to finding and choosing your next pair of men’s leather gloves.

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