Modular Unit Options: Adding Living Space for Different Purposes

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If you are the head of a growing family who is looking to add some living space, there are quite a few options; granny flats have long been the choice of many homeowners, who would prefer that their ageing parents live on their property, while the modular building sector is booming.

Container homes

This is a global phenomenon that is one way of solving the housing crisis in some parts of the world; basically, a container home is made up of a combination of 20’ and 40’ sea containers that have been modified, with doors and stairways built in. The possibilities are endless regarding layouts; Google can help you find the right supplier and with customised solutions, your extra living space will tick all the boxes. Some families live very comfortably in container homes, rather than using them for additional living space, they knock down their homes, prepare a concrete base and the containers into place.

Agricultural sheds

When a farmer is looking for a general-purpose structure, a storage shed is the perfect solution and with some customisation, this can be used for living space. We are fortunate, in as much as we do not have sub-zero temperatures, so you can make a state-of-the-art shed into a quality living space. Thermal insulation keeps energy bills down, while solar panels on the roof can provide all the power you need.

Granny flats

A small single-storey extension is the obvious choice for many homeowners and if that isn’t enough in terms of space, build a second storey. A local builder is the person to talk to about building an extension; they can handle the design, planning permission and, of course, the build.

Kit homes

Australia is home to some of the best kit home manufacturers in the world; Google can bring up a list of websites and you can browse and make enquiries regarding specs and prices. Once you know the precise dimensions, you can prepare the concrete base with utility connections in place. The obvious advantage is that you can easily relocate the structure, should you ever wish to. Some are fabricated in the factory and assembled on-site by a team of experts; the manufacturer typically has 4 5 different designs and you can customise the fixtures and fittings.

Range of uses

When you add modular living space to your property, it can be used for the following:

  • Guest bedroom
  • Home office
  • Workshop
  • Study room
  • Library/study

One benefit of modular structures is that they can be located a distance away from the home, which is ideal if you plan on using them for work.

The high cost of labour is another reason why many homeowners choose prefabricated solutions, preferring to spend their hard-earned cash on materials. A typical modular structure can be installed in less than a day; as soon as the unit is in place, the utilities are connected and the unit is configured for permanent location.

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