6 Most Interesting Things To Know About Coffee

Interesting Things About Coffee

Coffee is the way many people start their day across the world. It eases you into the world with warmth and comfort, while invigorating your senses and waking up your brain. Aside from the obvious, what makes coffee so great? Read on to find out.

1. Who Are The Biggest Coffee Consumers In The World?

It’s no secret that coffee gives you a boost of energy, and with the world only getting busier, it’s become synonymous with productivity at work. Coffee is also hailed as the beverage of choice after a night of indulgence.

While it’s popular worldwide, the most coffee-obsessed culture might surprise you. The Netherlands consumes more coffee than any other nation across the globe, outstripping even the US. 

2. Coffee And Poop?

Kopi Luwak is the most expensive coffee and is considered a sought-after delicacy. It is an acquired taste, and it comes with a unique twist that you need to get your head around in order to enjoy it.

This specialty coffee is made from beans harvested out of the dung of a palm civet. The berries are fed to the jungle cats and the dung is later harvested. Not only is the practice a little gag-worthy, but it has also raised eyebrows and protests from animal rights activists. Whether you support the practice or not, the beans that go into Kopi Luwak have certainly traveled farther than most!

3. Coffee “Beans” Aren’t Beans At All

Your local coffee roastery isn’t roasting beans but seeds. These seeds come from bright red berries that grow on coffee trees. When harvested, the seeds are made up of two halves that fit together. The flesh of the berry is edible and enjoyed by many animals, like monkeys and birds, and while the taste isn’t entirely unpleasant, it isn’t great either.

For humans, the real crop is the hard seed in the center. When roasted and ground, these seeds can be used to create a beverage so enchanting an entire culture has sprung up around its consumption.

4. Coffee Was Discovered In The 1500s

A goat herder in Africa observed that his animals loved the berries from the coffee tree and also noticed how it energized them. He talked to a monk about it, and they discovered that while the berries weren’t too tasty, the seeds (aka beans) could be roasted and infused to make a beverage that imparted a wonderful sense of well-being. The trend took off, and coffee became a much-loved beverage around the world within decades.

5. The Guinness World Record For The World’s Largest Cup of Coffee

Your venti latte from Starbucks has nothing on the largest cup of coffee in the world. The 22,000 liter-vessel won itself the honor of being the world’s largest cup of coffee according to the Guinness World Records. That would be enough to keep a small town well-caffeinated in the Netherlands! 

6. The Word “Coffee” Comes From The Netherlands

It’s interesting how fast a beverage as popular as coffee gains traction all around the world. This is one of the most popular drinks from as far back as the 14th century. The Dutch word “koffie” was the origin of the English word “coffee”. The English name was derived in 1582, and the word was adopted by many nations.

Enjoy A Cuppa A Day

While coffee can be the ultimate treat and tool for getting through the day, it is also addictive and can pose health risks when consumed too frequently. It’s important to drink water between your coffee breaks and limit yourself to a safe number of cups per day.

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