What Are The 5 Best Plants To Improve Indoor Air Quality?

Plants Improve Indoor Air Quality

In today’s generation, everyone is becoming health conscious and maintaining them in a good manner. Increasing number of pollutants and pollution is leading to the stress direction. So people are trying to increase the number of plants in nearby areas and protecting them with green plants. In both indoor and outdoor pollution level has increased a lot. So planting green trees will help a lot to decrease the pollution and humidity level.

Many plants give green air to the people and make them remain in a healthy environment. Good quality indoor air is required so that people inside the home will remain safe and can sleep calmly at night. The five best plants which help to improve indoor air quality is the following:

Boston Fern

It is a popular houseplant that offers both beauty and health benefits. It can stay in dry conditions without any problems. This is one species with a high tolerance to light and dry conditions than the other species. This plant can be placed on pedestals, hanging in designer baskets – grouping or lush specimen on the right windowsill.

It can restore the necessary moisture present in the air and make the air pure and clean. It can be used in all seasons and best for the winter season only. It helps to eliminate the bacteria present in the air, toluene, and xylene as well.

Red-edged Dracaena

This plant remains green for the whole year, and after its maturity, white flowers will start to bloom and turn into red/ orange berries. This plant is considered a low-maintenance plant. It cares for the whole home and makes sure that air pollutants won’t be entered into the home, or if they entered, then ending them is their only motive. This plant can absorb formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, and xylene, commonly found with gasoline and varnish.

Rooms which have completely ceiling in those place it will remain as the best. It can reach up to fifteen feet, but it will require some amount of sunlight as well.

Flamingo Lily

Growing plants inside the home is easy for many, but you can easily grow this plant. It’s effective and helps to remove ammonia, formaldehyde, and other toxic item from home. So these plants act in a double role. First, it looks so beautiful, and second, it kills all the bad elements from home.

This looks too good in the light pink color, and most people can afford this plant. People can use this plant as a decoration item as well.

Reed Palm

Reed’s palm is a useful indoor plant because it helps remove the toxic product from home and make home free from pollutants. People can take a breath in and breath out. It is a small and graceful palm used to place in the basket, and then it works and provides fresh air to the people present in the house. This plant is available in the internet if you want to purchase it, you can go for it.


This plant looks very beautiful; it has colorful flowers. Plumeria are generally found in Sydney, grow in Queensland and at the coast of Perth. This plant can spread wide up to 4.5 meters wide. Plumeria Australia has a pleasant fragrance that makes the person feel calm. It can reduce the pollutant level at home. There are many more uses of this specific plant that is known to the researchers. This plant can be ordered through the online market.


Many people are dying because of increasing pollution. So planting trees and plants will help a lot to reduce this pollution factor. There are many plants present in this world that can be used to place at home, and they will help you reduce the toxic level.

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