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If you live in Bondi Junction and are in need of a podiatrist, you may find that the services you want are not necessarily readily available. However, when you look for the right resources, you will be able to find the service that can answer all of your questions and help treat whatever problem it is that you may be facing.  But before you can fully understand how a podiatrist is able to help treat your problems, you must first know what a podiatrist is and what they actually do.

What is Podiatry?

Orthotic Solutions Podiatry Bondi Junction are going to be the ones who deal with the prevention, treatment, and eventually the rehabilitation of conditions that are going to affect your feet, ankles, and essentially the entire lower leg.  The profession of podiatry is going to be a registered and regulated health field, meaning that the podiatrist that you visit will have had to complete their studies at a University, receiving at least a Bachelor of podiatry, often times even a higher degree than that.

What Does a Podiatrist Do?

When you meet with a podiatrist in Bondi Junction, they will first want to take a look at your medical records and injury history, which will help them to figure out what it may be that is causing the problems you are dealing with.   Besides that, they are also going to be looking at the type of footwear that you wear on a regular basis, what your occupation is, and even your lifestyle.  After assessing all of these different factors, they will then be able to give you a diagnosis of how healthy your feet really are.

While the management of different foot problems is always going to vary and need different physical therapies, the diagnosis will also indicate the tools and instruments that will need to be used as well.  While some foot problems will only need special ointments or shoe inserts, others may require the use of more serious physical therapy methods.

Where Can I Find a Podiatrist in Bondi Junction?

Aside from diagnosing and treating your foot and lower leg problems, your Bondi Junction podiatrist will also be able to help you with health education, meaning that they will be able to inform you of how you should be taking care of yourself in order to prevent any future foot problems from occurring.  This is going to be especially helpful for athletes, the elderly, those with diabetes, and people who are disabled.  As for where you can find a podiatrist in Bondi Junction, they are normally going to be working out of areas such as community health centers, hospitals, nursing homes, sport medicine clinics, and even have their own private practices.

What do Conditions call for a Podiatrist?

Some of the different conditions that you may want to visit a podiatrist for include:

  • Shin splints, athletes’ foot, and other types of foot injuries
  • Cracked heels, aching feet, and heel spurs
  • Blisters
  • Ingrown and thick toenails
  • Plantar warts and other fungal problems

Foot problems in children

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