Preparing Your Children

Preparing Your Children for a Long-Distance Move

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Preparing Your Children

Moving long-distance is not just hiring a professional moving company and finding a new house in a new place, it is much more than that especially if you are moving with children. Moving to a far-off place with kids is a challenge in which they will not only be feeling homesick at the new place but would also find it difficult to stay organized during moving preparations at the old house. 

Not only the organization and preparations, but you also need to take care of your kids’ mental health. If your children are grown enough to understand the need and cause of your move, it can still be an easy task but when your children are too young to understand the causes behind your moving decision, their mental health may get suffered as they do not understand what is going on. If you too are moving long-distance with kids and are scared of this upcoming relocation, don’t lose heart and simply follow the guidelines given below to make it a success.

Know Your New Place Well

Before you prepare your kids for the new place, you need to know the place well. It is highly recommended to visit the place personally but somehow if it is not possible, use the internet to know everything about the place so that you can help your child understand the place. Tell them about the new activities that they can try there. Moving is extremely daunting and you may lack the energy to stay positive and healthy but it is mandatory to share your moving details with your children in a warm way. Let them see it as an opportunity to have a new and happy life. This counseling can be different for different age groups but it is important to talk to your children about the move. So, before you start searching for the best moving companies, talk to your children. 

Involve Your Children in the Process

Though it is impossible to involve your toddlers in the moving process, make sure you involve your young kids or grown-up children as much as you can. You can ask them to sort their stuff and take out what they do not want to take along and encourage them to donate what is taken out. This will not only cultivate the feeling of sharing but will also prepare them to let go. You can also take their help in deciding the décor of their room at the new house. Let them decide the placement of furniture and the color of the curtains for their room. 

If you have toddlers, make sure you do not ignore them while preparing for your upcoming move. Small kids do not understand what is going on in the house and it is highly advisable to take care of them during this chaotic time. They cannot even express even if they feel neglected so make sure you take care of it. You can consider hiring full-service professional movers so that you can be with your child throughout the move. As per the best rated cross country movers at Moving Apt, logistics is just a small part of your long-distance move when children are included.

Take Care of Their Mental and Physical Health

It is natural to have a disturbed life during a move but when it comes to children, you should try to stick to your routine life. Make sure you serve them meals on time and do not forget medications if any. Put them to bed on time and keep them hydrated. While it is very hard to take care of small life routines, it is important to take care of kids’ mental and physical health. Even after moving to the new place, make sure you spend good and quality time with your kids. Feeling low and homesick is quite understandable to some extent but if you notice any dramatic change in your child’s behavior, talk to them or take them to a counselor.

Some more points to understand the needs of children of different age-group:


Though children of this age group do not understand the change much, they too may feel lonely. You may not need to prepare the child for a move but it is a good idea to keep the child happy at your new home by playing with them or by taking them out

School Goers

Make sure you keep all the records handy of your school-going children. Make sure you take them for a school visit before starting the admission procedure. It may not seem important but children like to be involved in the decisions related to them.


This is the most complex age group to prepare for a move. Teens have their own world where they live and do not like to go out of it. It is extremely important to make them understand the reasons behind the move. They may react impulsively or may protest so make sure you stay calm while talking to them and convince them. Tell them all the pros of moving and how they can have a better life in the new place.

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