Quick Guide To Better Sleep Quality And Overall Quality Of Life

Guide Better Sleep Quality

Are you suffering from sleeping problems? Don’t worry, there are not only you. Many people around the world facing sleeping issues due to some reasons such as stress, anxiety, thinking too much, depression, chronic disease, insomnia, etc. There are some tips that can help you get good sleep.

Cool Temperature Is Best

At times, you have noticeably been a little too warm when trying to go to sleep, right? It’s something that most everyone experiences at different times and for different reasons. A cool bedroom temperature is best, and that said, a good 65-67 degrees should do the trick. The temperature of your bedroom has everything to do with you getting the comfortable sleep your body needs. Not to mention the fact that a cool bedroom temperature signals your brain to start extra melatonin production.

Hot Showers Help

A hot shower is relaxing any time of the day, and it can be especially helpful when trying to wind down for bed. A shower is also refreshing, but at night, that doesn’t equate to your wake-up routine. It is more of a refreshing relaxation, helping you to shut down and forget the day’s concerns and agendas. Not to mention the fact that your body is going to cool down much quicker after a hot shower. Isn’t that something?

Screen Time Vs Bed Time

Screens within the hour before bed is never a good idea. There is homework, there are deadlines, and life happens. In general, however, it is going to be of great benefit to you if you somehow figure out the complexities of life and are able to get the screens out of your view at least an hour ahead of going to bed. Your body needs to relax and start shutting down for sleep. Not only do you want to get rid of screens ahead of bedtime, but you want to clear your head, too.

Phones & Sleep

Screen time naturally refers to your phone as well as other screens. Many people are able to turn off the television, laptop, or tablet, but not the phone. Nothing you did is going to help much if your phone goes to bed with you. The best thing to do is to put it on the charger, in another room. Yet it is understandable if you want it by your side. It can be dark, however, and if you must have it with you, it is important to understand the consequences of blue light. You want a display with warmer light, and you can accomplish this by adjusting your phone’s settings.

Get Comfortable

A comfortable supportive mattress will work wonders for a restful night’s sleep. Read these Costco mattress reviews and consider an upgrade. Likewise, your bedding and pillows should be cozy and comfortable.

Darken The Room

Deep and relaxing sleep is dependent on a dark room. Again, your body and your brain need to know that it is nighttime and not daytime. If you can go without the nightlight, do that as well. Blackout curtains and other suggestions can make a difference, too. Minimize in many ways the amount of light that is allowed in your bedroom so that your body can relax, shut down and go to sleep. You want to be rested in the AM.

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