Reasons to Buy Mattress Store

5 Reasons to Buy at a Mattress Store and Not Online

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Reasons to Buy Mattress Store

In our modern age, ordering anything and everything online is practically commonplace. As a result, some companies have closed a few store locations to lean more into their e-commerce to get more sales. However, it doesn’t render them all obsolete. People still find it important to purchase goods in person since it involves engaging all five senses. It’s natural for people to trust them since we’ve always used our five senses to gain new knowledge primarily. So, when it comes to purchasing a mattress, you could argue it’s a purchase that requires all five senses to decide on the right one. Based on the five senses as a guideline, see why there are plenty of good reasons to buy at a mattress store instead of online.

Seeing Is Believing

Seeing is one of the most dominant of our five senses. And for a good reason. Our brain processes what we see better than our other senses since it’s the one that leads and influences all of the other senses. To make a well-rounded decision, seeing the mattress you’re purchasing in person is important since you cannot influence the rest of your senses when shopping online. There is no hiding certain damages when you can see them yourself at a mattress store before buying one.

Meanwhile, with online shopping, you only find out about damages after it’s arrived. It’s not exactly a welcome surprise to have paid for damaged goods, which damages can happen during the shipping process. From seeing how a mattress looks at an in-person store, you can bet you will have less buyer’s remorse than ordering online.

You’re Being Heard

When you enter any mattress store, a salesperson is usually there to listen to your sleep concerns and assist in finding a new mattress. For some, shopping online for a mattress seems more appealing because they want to avoid sales interactions. It’s a valid preference. However, listening to ads about the mattresses you’re interested in and taking quizzes about what bed suits you can only take you so far. When you have an actual person listening to you, they can truly understand the nuances of your needs. You can even effectively haggle down prices instead of waiting until a sale occurs online. When you shop at a mattress store, you will have a say regarding your purchase.

Suits Your Taste

Best to make it clear that you shouldn’t be trying to taste your mattress. When talking about taste in this section, it’s more about the ability to discern what is of good quality or high aesthetic standard. Closely linked to sight, taste factors in your preferences. You may think online shopping might have it in the bag in this sense by providing more options than a regular store. That might be true. However, it can’t always guarantee quality. You may like the look of a mattress online, but it might not help you get a good night’s sleep. At least when you find a bed at a store, you can find one that suits your taste and addresses your sleep issues effectively.

The Right Feel

Besides sight, your sense of touch is just as important. Why? With touch, you can directly get first-hand information about your surroundings. In this case, how your mattress would feel. It’s here where online shopping is truly at a disadvantage compared to a mattress store. Online shopping only gives you a description of what a mattress might feel. However, what you feel is incredibly subjective. You might think a firm mattress would help you, but it might not be the case when you lay on it. From going to a store, you can try various mattresses yourself to find out what feels good. After all, what might feel too firm for you might be perfect for someone else.

Smell Does Matter

Some mattresses have been known to smell, whether it’s from a mattress purchased in a store or online. Notably, some memory foam mattresses can have off-gassing. Off-gassing is the release of airborne particulates or chemicals. Usually, the off-gassing smell can go away eventually, but it can be an issue if it remains. It can lead to health issues like congestion, coughing, skin irritation, asthma attacks, and fatigue when it lingers. In worst-case scenarios, this can lead to serious health problems like leukemia or lymphomas. So, why does smell matter when deciding between in-store and online? Typically, a salesperson can tell you in advance about the possibility of off-gassing and what to do. Online stores can make a disclaimer, but unfortunately, only some people read the fine print.

As you can see, basing your decision on your five senses is quite important – especially when you’re mattress shopping! You can rest assured in your purchase when buying a mattress in a store compared to any online one. It’s worth going through the process and making your investment worth it instead of risking bad quality because you want to save a little cash.

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