Samsung Introduced The New Human Centric LED Lighting

Samsung Human-Centric LEDSamsung’s rolled out the new LED Packages – LM302N DAY and LM302N NITE. Why Samsung brings this? Factors including temperature, humidity and diet can affect our sleep cycles Light, in particular, significantly impacts secretion of melatonin, the sleep-triggering hormone. Samsung has introduced new LED solutions utilizing precisely designed light spectra with optimized amounts of cyan wavelength range. This range of the light spectrum affects bodys melatonin level related to the sleep-wakk cycle.

Human Centric Led Specs

High Melatonin

During the dark nighttime, our bodies produce melatonin, thus causing us to fall asleep.

Low Metatonin

During the bright daytime, our bodies produce less melatonin, thus keeping us awake and active.

  • However, spending more time under artificial LED lighting, confuses the body’s melatonin production.
  • Causing deviation in the normal levels that result from exposure to natural light.
  • Late melatonin production makes us a night owl.
  • Insufficient suppression of melatonin during the day can make it difficult to concentrate

Samsung ‘Human-Centric LED’ LM302N DAY

  • Emits light that suppresses the body’s production of melatonin contributing to better concentration and efficiency with ‘LM302N DAY’
  • LM302N DAY Subjects 18% decrease in melatonin secretion (compared to using conventional LEDs for the same period) Better concentration
  • USI g the ‘Human-ce ric LEDs’ at the righttime, in th right place can improve living environments
  • Improve alertness at schools, offices and workplaces where high concentration levels are required
  • Human Centric Lighting helps our health, work performance, and well-being. HCL balances the emotional, visual, and biological requirements of humans in lighting applications. Bespoke lighting can help you find designer, eco-friendly and healthy lighting for your needs.

Samsung ‘Human-Centric LED’ LM302N NITE

  • Emits light that minimizes distu rbances to the natural onset of the body’s melatonin production leading to better, more restful sleep with ‘LM302N NITE’
  • LM302N NITE Subjects – 5% increase in melatonin secretion (compared to using conventional LEDs for the same period) and reaches to deep-sleep status 52 mins faster.
  • Promote relaxing environments and better sleep at homes and hotels.

The DAY and NITE packages can be combined for those who spend most of their time indoors and struggle with confused body clocks The LEDs help the body maintain natural circadian rhythms. SAMSUNG ‘Human-Centric LED’ Boosting energy levels and more restful environments for contemporary people who lead indoor lifestyles.

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