Samsung TV Models History: Innovation that Changed the World

Samsung TV Models History

Samsung has been in the number one position in the worldwide Television industry for the past 18 consecutive years. Samsung brings new features and specs to its products every year. Innovative and creative Samsung’s team has been working on it for the last 18 years. Following revolutionary products will let you know how good they are at producing new technology and TV designs.

Samsung TV Model History by Year and Series

So following is the list of samsung tv models by year. Have a look!

The Bordeaux LCD TV 2006

A wine glass-inspired TV design

The Bordeaux featured a frame that resembled a wine glass, with blue or burgundy accenting at its base. The premium design resulted in the sale of Over a million units.

The Crystal Rose LCD TV 2008

The first use of double-injection technology

This TV introduced an eco-friendly technology that infuses color into the TV bezel rather than spraying it with paint. creating an elegant blend of hues.

LED TV 2009

The World’s First Edge-Lit LED TV

This high-definition TV offered viewers ultra-high contrast ratios and vivid colors, thanks to its innovative LED edge lighting. It was also the world’s slimmest TV -1/3 thinner than most TVs at the time.

Full HD 3D LED TV 2009

The World’s First 3D LED TV 

This TV opened the door for consumers to enjoy immersive entertainment by allowing them to set up an optimal 3D entertainment environment.

Full HD 3D LED TV 2010

The World’s First 3D LED TV

This TV opened the door for consumers to enjoy immersive entertainment by allowing them to set up an optimal 3D entertainment environment.

Smart TV 2011

Introduced the ‘Smart Lifestyle 2011

Smart TVs enabled users to enjoy a wide range of content on their televisions, just like they did on their KS. The Samsung Smart TV provided access to an expansive range of content via the ‘smart hub and fundamentally changed consumer behavior.

Curved UHD TV 2014

The world’s First Curved UHD TV

This TV featured a curvature rate of 4200R, which allowed it to foster the most immersive viewing experience possible. The nearly bezel-less screen amplified that immersion.

The Serif 2015

Launched the Era of the ‘Lifestyle TV’

The Serif was developed by world-renowned designers Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec. Resembling a capital “l” in the Serif font when viewed from the side, this sleekly aesthetic product allowed users to reflect their lifestyles in their choice of television.

SUHD TV 2016

First-of-its-kind, Cadmium-Free Quantum Dot TV Technology

SUHD TV, which redefined standards for image quality, supports 2.5 times more brightness and 611 times greater color accuracy than conventional TVs, thanks to its unique quantum dot technology.

QLED TV 2017

Redefined Picture Quality

The ability to achieve 100% color volume resulted in the production of brighter, deeper colors, setting a new standard for captivating visuals. Optimized for HDR (High Dynamic Range), this next-generation display ushered in the age of Ultra High Definition.

The Frame 2017

An Elegant Masterpiece that Blends in Seamlessly

When ‘Aft Mode’ is activated, The Frame transforms into a work of art, truly blurring the line between art and technology.

QLED 8K 2018

Featuring the First 8K A1 Upscaling Technology

The QLED 8KS combination Of Quantum Dot and 8K resolution took Ultra High Definition to the next level With rich color representation, detailed picture quality, and HDRIO+ technology, QLED 8K delivered an optimal viewing experience. 8K A1 Upscaling technology is additionally capable of improving picture and sound quality to 8K-compatible levels, regardless of the original quality or format of the content.

The Wall 2018

The Future of Display Technology

The Wall, the first-ever modular display with MicroLED, can extend to hundreds of inches in size while delivering impressive brightness and contrast and a wide range Of blacks in any setting.

The Sero 2019

Establishing a Multi-Dimensional Viewing Experience

Catering to the media consumption trends of the mobile age. The Sero features an automated rotating display that can alternate between horizontal and vertical orientations. Users can additionally tap their smartphone anywhere on The Sero’s screen to initiate a seamless mirroring experience.

Micro LEd ad QLED 8K TV 2020

8K Real-life experience up close

Samsung has maintained its No. 1 Position in the Global TV Market for 14 consecutive years because of its innovation and creative work televisions. QLED’s 8K is a new technology, packed with an incredible 33 million that provide a brilliant display and video show-off. It has a powerful Powerful Quantum Processor 8K, voice assistant, Ambient Mode, and a lot more features. Samsung’s Micro LED produces astonishing colors vibrancy and brightness with self-emissive LED display technology, along with an all-new Micro AI processor that delivers stunning 4K HDR content.

AI upscaling and HDR10+ 2022

AI upscaling can significantly improve the quality of older movies and TV shows. Samsung has been a leader in AI upscaling technology, and it is now a standard feature on many of its TVs. HDR10+ is a high dynamic range (HDR) format that provides more realistic colors and contrast than traditional HDR formats. Samsung has been a strong supporter of HDR10+, and it is now supported by many of its TVs.

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