Should You Get Married Under A Wedding Arch?

Getting married under a wedding arch does sound romantic and unique, right? However, ask yourself, are you a romantic soul? If so, then this just might be a great addition to your big day and to your big event. If not, you can still explore your options and learn a lot about this floral addition. In a couple of last years, this became a huge trend among couples due to its functionality, high-quality, and beautiful and unique outcome. If you are planning on getting married any time soon, and you wish to have a stunning addition to your wedding, then keep on reading!

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Get Married Under A Wedding Arch

1. It Looks Traditional

This whole idea is very ”old school”, and is traditional. If you are someone who is not obsessed about staying up to date or going for trendy options, then you might consider getting a floral arch. However, know that you can still tailor your wedding arch and that you can style it per your preference. This means that you can choose your wanted flowers, decorations, colors, and etc. So, even though the whole concept might be a bit ”old fashioned”, you can still spice it up and add some modern elements to it. This means that both parties can get the best out of two worlds (modern and rustic).


2. Spectacular Atmosphere

During your wedding day, you probably want everything to look unique and like a fairy tale itself. If you go with vibrant and colorful flowers and you incorporate them well into the whole venue, you will definitely end up with a dream wedding. You can choose your flowers and combine them with bright lights, unique dishes, and some other rustical elements and end up with a spectacular venue. Wedding floral arches are also something that your guests will love and appreciate since they will acknowledge your effort and your taste.


3. The Photographs

The most crucial factor is your professional pictures. If you are going to hire a professional photographer, he or she will capture the most important moments. All of these pictures will stay with you forever, and they will only bring back your most positive and happy memories. The wedding arch can be the focus part of your entire picture; therefore it is a must-have addition to your wedding. Also, your bridesmaids, as well as your guests, will want to take a bunch of pictures at this part of the venue. Make sure you provide them, and yourself, with a high-quality and a well-made flower arch.

4. A Must Have For Outdoor Weddings

Outdoor weddings are very personal, cute, and highly talked about worldwide. If you and your partner chose to have an outdoor wedding, make it one to remember. You can make your wedding arch with a bunch of greenery and bright flowers, and you can make it look like a fairytale. Once successfully incorporated into the whole event, your day will look and feel magical. Make sure you add some rustical benches for your guests and you can call it a day.

5. A Must Have For Smaller Weddings

If your wedding is only a ”10 people thing”, then you need some distractions. For instance, a flower arch, as well as a flower wall and a bunch of other decorations will look lovely on your big day. The whole concept might seem a little plain if it were only the two of you, your bridesmaids, as well as your parents and the priest/registrar. Spice the atmosphere up if you are planning on having a delicate and personal wedding. Add a bright flower arch and make sure you take a lot of pictures.


Should You Get A Floral Arch For Your Event?

Floral arches can make any event stand out for sure, but this is entirely up to you. In the end, ask yourself: do you want to have a big centrepiece at your wedding? Since this is something personal that you should discuss with your partner, make sure you think about it before proceeding further. If you are not sure what you should do, read the following pros and cons of getting a floral arch:

The Pros:

Looks Great

In the end, this will definitely shine some light on your whole wedding, and it will look like a gorgeous concept. Floral arches are very versatile, and they can be customized per your will, which only makes them more wanted.

Serves Great As A Prop

As previously mentioned, this is an excellent idea for your pictures. Ordinary bouquets or fancy guest tables are a bit boring, and it feels like we’ve seen them all. However, you can’t really say that about the arch. A flower arch will always look elegant, unique, and it is an excellent choice for smaller ceremonies.

Fits Almost Everywhere

The best part is that you don’t need to worry about your wedding arch fitting into your outdoor, or indoor wedding. These arches can be custom made, and they can fit into every room. Even if your venue is smaller you don’t need to be worried since you can order a smaller floral arch.

The Cons:

Attention Seeking

Are you an attention seeker? If not, then you might want to search for something else which will be a focal point for your wedding. Floral arches can distract attention away from other things, such as food, guests, bridesmaids, the cake etc. If you prefer minimalism, then this might not be the best idea for your wedding.

Proper Setup

When setting up your wedding, it indeed does take a lot of time and effort. If you are in a hurry and you don’t have a lot of resources to work with, then you should skip the arch. Setting it up is quite hard due to several reasons, such as:

  1. Quite big and hard to move around – if you don’t have a flower specialist then things might get out of control
  2. Hard to pack down – this means that you need to invest some hours before taking it down on your own. All pieces are very fragile, and the whole thing can fall apart in seconds. If you don’t have a mind of steel and a steady hand, then don’t set it up on your own, nor tear it down.


Since the whole creation is very sensitive and delicate (as well as hard to create), it is no shock that it comes at a price. However, the end result is definitely breathtaking. Ask yourself is this something that you truly want and does it suit your budget. If the answer is yes, then do proceed further.


Flower arches are something that will add class and elegance to your wedding, but make sure this is something that both: you and your partner want. If you are thinking about adding it to your venue, make sure you properly incorporate it with the color scheme and the wedding theme. When matched successfully, your flower arch will turn your wedding into a fairytale.

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