Small Luxury Yachts: A New Way to Cruise in Style

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The world of luxury yachts is huge, consisting of everything from mega-yachts with dozens of luxurious cabins to tiny water vessels that barely have room for a captain and a single guest. For those who are looking for something in between, there are small luxury yachts.

Suppose you are looking to take a relaxing day cruise or go on an adventure across the seven seas. These smaller vessels provide an intimate setting and modern yachting interior design, which promises an even more exclusive experience.

Bring Epic Luxury to a Compact Design

Even with a small luxury yacht, you can enjoy the amenities normally found on a larger vessel.

For example, you will likely not find an ice cream parlor aboard your small luxury yacht. But, you will find plenty of sun deck space to soak up the sun and a nice cozy cabin to get some rest.

Soak Up in a Generous Layout and Amenities

You can also expect amenities such as jet skis, retractable splash decks on the aft of the yacht for sunbathing during your cruise, and often a full-service bar serving champagne and other alcoholic beverages. Many luxury yachts have a captain on board to drive the boat. But it is not uncommon for the owner to take the helm, giving them more freedom to take in their surroundings and truly enjoy themselves.

For an idea about what type of small yachting interior design might be right for you, here are some tips to consider.


When you are looking at purchasing a small luxury yacht, the length usually will go hand in hand with how much it costs. Of course, the cost will also depend on other factors, such as the amenities and the size of the yacht (larger boats often come with more luxurious options). The building materials also affect the overall price of the yacht.


There are many different sizes of small luxury yachts. Some can be as short as 45 feet, while others can go up to about 110 feet, depending on what amenities it offers. There are even some that stretch out around 160 feet long.


Smaller luxury yachts tend to be made of fiberglass, but some are made of steel. Going for a yacht built out of steel will likely be considerably more expensive than one made out of fiberglass or steel because it is much harder to build.


The cabin on the small luxury yacht may be part of the area where sailing occurs. It is possible to have a cabin that comes with a comfortable bed or two, as well as plenty of storage space for your belongings.


There is a variety of small luxury yacht designs, both inside and out. For example, some boats come with an enclosed sundeck design for shade during your cruise.


An ergonomically designed small luxury yacht will make it easier for you to move around freely and enjoy your trip. For example, some yachts come with a generous layout that allows for more walking space.

Guest Capacity

This is one of the most important factors to consider as some luxury yachts can accommodate more than a few guests, while others may only come with room for a handful of people.

Whether you are looking for luxury in your next small yacht trip or just in your daily life in general, purchasing a small luxury yacht is worth considering.

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