Importance Vehicle Seat Belts

Importance Of Seat Belts in Vehicle and Other Safety Tips

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Importance Vehicle Seat Belts

Owning a car was once considered a luxury, but it is more of a necessity these days. Our lives are quite fast-paced and we need to be moving around constantly from one place to the other. In order to live our best lives where we do not have to keep making arrangements for our travel, we need a car. It is important to take care of our car, but it is even more urgent to take care of yourself in a car. Safety in vehicles is an extremely important factor to cover. More than 10% of car accidents result in death, while the rest of them end in serious problems and lifelong complications. The safest choice a passenger and a driver can make in a vehicle is to put on their seat belts and buckle up. The lifesaving value of this is amazing. There are serious and potentially fatal consequences of not buckling up. Out of 22,000 passengers who were killed in car accidents in 2017, 67% of them were not wearing a seat belt. We will cover certain things that you need to know about buckling up, some safety tips, and even customizable seat belts.

Buckling up is the best defense against a car crash

The best defense you can have against rash drivers is wearing your seatbelt properly. If you do not buckle up properly, there are higher chances of you being ejected out of the car completely. This can lead to fatal injuries and even sudden death. There have been a lot of surveys that show how people have survived major car crashes with minimal injuries just because they kept their safety as their priority and wore their seat belts. It makes you secure inside your vehicle and even if your car swerves and spins out of control, you will not be thrashed around inside the car.

Do not depend solely on airbags

A very important lesson every passenger needs to learn is that airbags are not enough to protect you from a car crash. More often than not, airbags can cause major and serious injuries. If you do not wear your seatbelt, you will be directly thrown forward into a frontal airbag that is opening rapidly. This force, without a seat belt, can injure you or even cause death. Remember, these work best with seatbelts, not without them. 

The fit really matters

It is important that you check if the seat belts work fine for you before you buy a car. No, not all seatbelts are the same size and fit. There are options available for seat belt adjusters that can help get you a perfect fit. In order to get a roomier belt, seat belt extenders are the best option. If you have a classic car that only has lap belts, make sure to talk to your manufacturer about the possibility of installing lap/shoulder belts, since these are a much safer option. If you do not like how seatbelt extenders look, you can think of getting custom seat belts for your car. You can get them in every size and color that you can imagine.

Safety tips

Make sure that your shoulder and lap belt is secured across the rib cage and the pelvis. These areas are better equipped to handle car crashes and sudden forces than other parts of your body. Ensure that the seatbelt is away from your neck and in the middle of your chest. The lap belt should be around your hips and not your stomach. Do not wear the belt halfway and do not put it under an arm or behind you, if you get into an accident this can be seriously fatal.

 Safety tips for pregnant women

If you are pregnant and are worried that the seat belt might not be good for your baby, think again. Doctors recommend buckling up through all stages of your pregnancy. Do not ride a car without buckling up. Remember to not place the belt over your stomach as sudden forces can really injure your baby. Place the belt across your hips to hold you and your unborn baby in place in case of a car accident. Make sure that your belt is on your shoulder but away from your neck, and put it across your chest. Adjust your seat to a comfortable and upright position so that the belt fits you nicely and make sure that you reach the pedals comfortably. Do not let your belly touch the steering wheel. Even if your car has airbags, you should still wear your seatbelt.

 There are a lot of myths about car safety. The major thing that you need to remember is that your safety is of the utmost importance in a car. Never forget to wear your seatbelt, it could save your life.

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