Terrifying Halloween Songs for 2024

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Halloween might be several months away, but that doesn’t mean the music stops! That’s right. What makes Halloween music so special – just like Halloween-based movies – is that there is always a good time to play them.

There is never a moment that can’t be better with some Michael Jackson, some “Heads Will Roll”, or even a theme song or two.

So here are the top terrifying Halloween songs.

1. Michael Jackson, “Thriller”

We mentioned him, so we might as well start with him. The King of Pop certified himself as the leading man for the hottest – and the spookiest – beats with this jaw-dropping, fuse-pumping, and zombie shuffling tune. It rides on the funk train with a kick-ass hook and head-popping tune. It’s the best Halloween song out there to get the blood moving, particularly if you’re a zombie.

2. Kanye West, “Monster”

From the King of Pop to the self-proclaimed King of Hip Hop (according to him). Kanye is truly a monster in this rap-infused ultimate collab, featuring his former-buddy Jay-Z and acid-tongued Nicki Minaj. It’s intense, straight-up horror, but works on every level so that it gets you a little too fired up for something so wicked. Minaj’s solo rap verse is perfectly sliced through and you can’t help but yell “I’m a motherf***ing monster!” with her.

3. Lady Gaga, “Monster”

The second monster to enter this list, but very different from its first outing. Lady Gaga’s Monster has the Queen’s hypnotic beats, catchy tunes, and smooth voice; all meshed perfectly together. Not as intense as Kanye’s version, this pop-infused lyrical secret deserves respect.

4. Rihanna, “Disturbia”

Who knew “bum, bum, bee-dum, bum-bum, bee-dum-bum” could be so scary? Rihanna goes full-psycho here in this disturbing (sorry, couldn’t help it) track that elevates the beats and creates a real seismic shift on the dancefloor. You’ll be shocked and completely hooked on this pop-jamming song.

5. The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, “Heads Will Roll – A-Trak Remix”

This Frankenstein version of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ original hit does what most Frankensteins do: overtake the original in every way. A class EDM fire-up, this A-Trak Remix truly lights up the party, adding a hypnotic beat that makes any party more energetic and downright frightening.

6. Lana Del Rey, “Ultraviolence”

If there is one person that can make creepy and horrible sound downright beautiful, it has to be Lana Del Rey. While not the jumpy tune you want, it’s a solid break that adds another element to any mood that you’re feeling.

7. Eminem, “Buffalo Bill”

Of course, no year, party, or moment can pass without having some Slim Shady in the mix. And, of course, Eminem is inspired by “The Silence of the Lambs” killer. And of course, it’s downright intense in the Eminem sort of way that mixes casual violence, horror, classic rap beats, and somehow making it seem like a sensible tune. A must-have for those looking for a darker turn.

8. The Rolling Stones, “Sympathy for the Devil”

You might be noticing a trend here. We started with jumpy, pop tunes and now taking a turn towards the harder, rocker genre. And that’s fine because out of all of the songs written, rocked, and sung about Satan (and there are plenty, let us tell you), nothing packs a bigger punch than this classic from Mick and gang. It’s been 50 years later, and it’s still scary as shit.

With help from the biggest sponsors of All Hallow’s Eve, the Halloween store, we put these eight of the most terrifying, and therefore best (Halloween is meant to be scary right?) beats you can set yourself up for in 2024.

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