Aircraft Model Celebrities Use

Luxury in the Skies: What Aircraft Model do Celebrities Use?

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Aircraft Model Celebrities Use

There is no better proof of one’s luxury than luxury vehicles. And for celebrities who are way on top, it takes more than a fancy sports car, or a private yacht to impress people and command attention.

The ultimate luxury item – aircrafts! Many individuals have always dreamed of hopping on their own private jet, and just zipping off to wherever they want. While it may take some time before we reach that certain level of success and travel in style, we can always look at the celebrities who have already made the dream a reality!

Here are some of the world’s biggest celebrities, and the aircraft model they own:

Jay-Z’s Bombardier Challenger 850

Can this American rapper, entrepreneur, songwriter, and record producer get any luck? He is successful as he is, and has a beautiful, and loving wife in Beyonce. On his 41st birthday, he was gifted with a $2 million Bugatti Veyron Grand. But his wife definitely knows how to take it to the next level, because during Father’s Day in 2012, just shortly after the birth of their first child, Blue Ivy, he got the biggest present – a  brand new $40 million jet, a Bombardier Challenger 850!

This particular aircraft model is one of the most remarkable models there are. Derived from the Bombardier CRJ200 commercial airliner, this one can accommodate up to 50 standard class seats as a corporate shuttle, but is often outfitted to accommodate 14-16 passengers (this must probably be the case with Jay-Z’s Father’s Day gift) with an executive configuration.

The Bombardier Challenger 850 has a flashy and elegant interior, including a cream leather living room, a beautiful kitchen, a spacious bedroom to get peaceful slumber and two bathrooms.

Jay-Z’s airplane was decorated with his real name – Shawn Carter – on the aircraft body. It also serves as his private, mobile office due to his dynamic lifestyle. He often uses the time on board to discuss different plans and strategies with his business partners from Roc-A-Fella records or entertainment company Roc Nation.

John Travolta’s Private Jet Fleet

Born and raised in the entertainment industry, this Hollywood Star was always fated to develop his love and passion for everything aviation. It was said that when he was still a child, the entertainment and aviation industry merged. In fact, he began his flying lessons in 1970, where he put all his money he earned from acting just to earn a license. He got one when he hit 22 years old! Wow.

Being that young, and being a licensed pilot, we all know where that would take him! Now, he has his own private fleet, among those are Boeing 707, Bombardier Challenger 601, Boeing 727 and three Gulfstream jets! He’s no ordinary celebrity with the bills to pay for an airplane, he simply loves flying. In fact, during the interview in 2013, Travolta mentioned that he flies over 300 hours a year.

He is also an honorary pilot for the Australian aircraft company, Qantas. If you’re wondering where he keeps all his airplanes, know that he has his own private runway and parking. He and his wife designed the astonishing mansion in a way that they can access their jets at a moment’s notice (they even have a 16-car garage).

It’s every aviation enthusiast’s dream come true. And did I mention he likes collecting aircraft models, aside from the actual aircraft, too? Now, that’s just amazing!

Jim Carrey’s Gulfstream V

The actor and comedian surely knows how to live his life in luxury.He was reported to have splashed $41 million for his own private jet plane! And it’s no ordinary aircraft model. He specifically chose the Gulfstream V – one of only 100 or so of the aircraft in service in the world, which is also known as one of the first “ultra-long range” (~6,000-nautical-mile) business aircrafts. The GV cabin can seat up to 18 passengers in three or four living areas.

One of the special features of this aircraft model is the 100% fresh air, which allows passengers to feel more refreshed even after a long flight. Jim Carrey’s Gulfstream V is registered N162JC. The number 162 refers to his date of birth – January 1962 – while JC, stands for his initials.

This Gulfstream jet was always dubbed to be the premier choice of an exclusive circle of owners, who opt for a large cabin luxury travel. Nice choice, Jim!

There are many more celebrities who have their own private jets and luxury aircraft models. It’s probably because living in luxury only has one direction, and it’s going up! Since they already have big, awesome, and gargantuan houses, sports cars, yachts, and other real estate properties, of course they need a vehicle to dominate the skies!

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