The Philosophy Of Transportation Management

Transportation-ManagementI do not think that anybody would want to argue the fact that transportation is as old as man itself. This is because, from the beginning of time, man has been traveling and transporting, which is moving from one location to another.

What may have been said to be lacking then was transportation management, that is, a way to manage transportation, that is, the movement of both man and raw materials from one point to another. This in itself underscores the essence of transportation management.

In this article, we shall be discussing transportation management today. And we shall go into an extensive discussion of the trend and development in transportation management in the world today. We shall also take it a step further by introducing the best transportation management system out there, which will afford transportation management entities an edge over their competition in the market.

Understand Transport Management

For everyone in the transportation industry, it is a known knowledge that transportation management is an integral part of supply chain management. Just like we mentioned earlier, transportation involves moving goods and raw materials from one point to another. This is a simple process but yet not so simple because it requires a serious level of planning. This is necessary to ensure that transportation management achieves its goals and objectives.

After the planning process comes to the physical execution of the plan. Planning is on paper and the execution is on the field. What makes planning worthwhile is execution. Transportation management is a process.

Looking at transport management as an integral part of supply chain management means that we understand that transport management has to do with logistics. Being that as it may, transport management makes the business of transportation and fleet management easy for transportation companies.

To make transportation possible and profitable in our world today, transport management is necessary. Transport management can either be a manual process or an automatic process.

Before the advent of technology, transport management was a completely manual process requiring a lot of commitment in time and resources, but all that has changed with technology. Today transport management can be done through the use of the software.

Transport Management As An Industry

Companies in the transportation industry come in different shapes and sizes with their operations and reach differing. But generally, talking about transport management we are mainly looking at both shippers and everyone essentially in the logistics business.

Transport management serves in the movement of goods and raw materials which are mostly used by manufacturers, and distributors. Companies and entities in e-commerce are not left out.

Also, making transport management what it is today, third-party logistics (3PL) companies and wholesalers also make up the interests in transport management. Talking about transport management would also not be complete without the mention of the technology companies that make it happen.

In about the last ten years, a lot of remarkable developments have taken place in the area of transport management. Maybe, the most remarkable is its contribution to global trade. With transport management, global logistics management has also seen a remarkable boost.

And then again, maybe the credit should go to technology. This is because, with technology, it has now become possible to develop complete enterprise solutions software to handle the tasks and function of transport management. What software has been able to do for transport management is that it created a system whereby what was once complex for most organizations and businesses has now been simplified.

Doing Transport Management With Exspeedite

In this current era, we are in the transportation industry, to achieve success with transport management, it has to be a system that is driven by technology and innovation. A transport management system or process that is backed by technology will increase the chances of success for the company.

To this end, a number of transport management systems exist today. All promising different levels of capabilities. But it is important that you choose the right solution for your company.

Exspeedite is an industry leader on its own. This is because Exspeedite itself surpasses the industry leaders in the solutions which it provides especially in terms of flexibility and overall use. So many things stand Exspeedite out.

Exspeedite understands that the unique needs of every transportation and trucking business are different at any point in time. Therefore, Exspeedite makes it possible for you to customize the software to handle your own unique situation. This will directly handle your business needs.

Dispatch is an important part of transport management and Exspeedite is not lacking in this direction. This is because Exspeedite has developed the most complete enterprise transportation management and software solutions for your dispatch operations.

This includes third party logistics (3PL) and also private fleets. Heavy-duty transportation is not left out

Exspeedite’s software solution is a universal solution for trucking businesses both the small and mid-sized trucking companies. If you are a small or mid-sized trucking company, this would give you the advantage to compete with the bigger trucking companies.


It is a known knowledge that transportation management is a process and to make this process a success, planning is as important as execution. Planning makes a success with transportation management achievable. To move goods and raw materials, transportation management is key.

Transport management is now possible today, with technology and software. Transport management companies that want to succeed and be profitable now use software to carry out their day to day functions and activities. Whether it is a manufacturing concern or a distributor. Transport management is present even in e-commerce.

Technology has eliminated most of the burdensome part of transport management through software. But for organizations, it is important that they use the right software because using the right software can make all the difference between a successful transport management endeavor and a not so successful transport management endeavor.

We have identified the existence of numerous transport management systems that are in use today. And one only clearly stands out from the rest. That one is Exspeedite. Exspeedite is the best choice in the transport management system for both small and medium-sized trucking companies.

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