The Ultimate Guide to Jewelry Liquidation

Guide to Jewelry Liquidation

Whether trying to move products off your shelves or free up space for the next season, liquidation sales can help you eliminate extra inventory. Use creativity and one of the following methods to get the job done.

The pawn shop and secondhand dealer approach works based on cash value, which is calculated as a percentage of intrinsic metal value.

Look at the Pricing

Jewelry is a valuable commodity that can be sold for a lot. Some people sell their jewelry because it is outdated or they need cash to pay for something else. Other people sell jewelry because they inherited it or it holds sentimental value. Whatever the reason, knowing how to get the most out of your jewelry can make all the difference in how much you’ll end up with in your pocket.

The initial step is to find a store that will purchase your jewelry. You can find jewelry buyers online or at your local mall. Some stores also have sign-up programs where you can get email alerts when they have new deals. Some stores have a specific price range for buying your jewelry, so it’s important to know that beforehand.

Another option is to bring your jewelry to a pawn shop or secondhand jeweler. Most of these establishments work on a percentage basis and offer less than a jewelry store would. However, there are some cases where a pawn shop can sell your jewelry at a higher price than a jeweler.

When selling to a pawn shop or secondhand jewelry dealer, always check the pricing of similar jewelry in the same condition. You can get more if your jewelry is in current style and in excellent condition.

Check the Inventory

While you may sell your jewelry to a big box store or an online marketplace, your price will be less than what you could get from a neighborhood jeweler. This is so that big merchants have enough money to pay for the merchandise they buy back from the manufacturer by adding a margin.

Sellers may find this annoying, but knowing what to anticipate when selling jewelry is crucial. You’ll want to read website reviews before selling your jewelry to see what other buyers have experienced. There are plenty of happy sellers on the sites, but you’ll also find that some have been disappointed with the amount they received for their jewelry and how long it took to be paid.

If your jewelry shows signs of wear or isn’t a current style, you’ll probably get less than what you would for it as a finished piece. Consider remounting your gems and diamonds into a new bit instead.

If you have many high-value items, it’s best to bring them to a store that does a lot of jewelry liquidation and will offer you fair prices. Fox Fine Jewelry is one example of a store that offers this service. You’ll need to make an appointment, but they can usually accommodate your schedule, and you’ll be able to see your jewelry before making any decisions.

Check the Reviews

Store owners frequently have clearance discounts once a year. Companies may also have clearance sales if they are forced to close their doors due to unanticipated circumstances. In any case, clearance deals are what customers are seeking, especially during these challenging economic times. People always prefer to purchase items that are on sale yet of high quality. Jewelry businesses are not immune to these occurrences. It has been stated that we are now experiencing financial challenges and that individuals would like to acquire only their minimum necessities and conserve their money. Clearance sales are the only time when individuals will spend their hard-earned money on luxuries like jewelry for themselves. Jewelry liquidation has many ways to save, including online coupons, in-store printable promo codes and sales, and loyalty programs. But read the fine print of each coupon or deal to know exactly what you’re getting into before you shop. Also, remember to sign up for alerts on your favorite stores, categories, or products to score that deal. Check out the reviews of jewelry liquidation before you shop to learn what customers have to say about this store. This could help you make a more informed decision about buying from them.

Make the Offer

Jewelry liquidation is the most trusted name when buying and selling fine jewelry at prices far lower than your competition while still making a substantial profit. 

Save money on your next jewelry purchase at jewelry liquidation using online coupons, printable promo codes, and sales and clearance events. Check back frequently for new ways to save and score serious savings on your next jewelry liquidation purchase.

Broker fees are waived in place of the commission they get upon your consent to accept and sell your item. In the event you do not get bids that satisfy your expectations, you may terminate the procedure and reclaim your items. They would appraise the item and charge you merely our regular evaluation cost.


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