Wedding Ring Designs to Match Your Personality

Wedding Ring Designs

If you are planning to get married in 2022, there is an awful lot to arrange and you’re probably still reeling from the cost of the engagement. One very important aspect of marriage is the two rings, which are sometimes matching, while it is possible to find a diamond wedding ring that suits your personality.

Here are a few personalities and ring styles to suit.

The Fashion Lover

The girl who loves fashion is always reading Cosmopolitan and other popular fashion magazines and a trendsetting Emerald Cut diamond would be perfect. A twisted or braid band makes the ring a stunning example of the ultimate diamond wedding ring, while her favourite colour might be pink, in which case, a pink central diamond would match her dream of a wedding ring.

The Romantic

She likes nothing more than to curl up with a romantic novel and a box of chocolates and when thinking of a wedding ring, it has to be a solitaire diamond, with a thin, rose gold band. Romantic girls love diamonds, and the Brilliant Round cut is perfect with a solitaire setting.If you would like to view a range of wedding rings for women, search for a custom jeweller who has access to loose stones at wholesale prices.

The Diva

In some ways, the diva is similar to the fashion girl, yet she has a very strong character and loves things that stand out. If any girl loves black diamonds, it would be the diva, with a platinum band and small pave stones set around the central diamond. The Princess Cut is both bold and elegant and if you approach a custom jeweller, the skilled craftsman can turn your concept into a wedding ring that turns heads.

The Athlete

Slim and tall, the athlete obviously loves sport and is very active and outgoing; the superb marquess cut is perfect, with perhaps a champagne-coloured central stone, while the setting should be one that is very sturdy. More and more couples are turning to custom engagement and wedding rings, which aren’t as expensive as you might think.

The Tomboy

She has a masculine streak and likes to get her hands dirty, which demands a very durable ring design. A simple platinum wedding band covered with small pave diamonds looks chic and not too flashy, and if the ring is right for her, she’ll wear it all the time, whatever she happens to be doing.

The Professional

She revels in a business environment and is always immaculately dressed and extremely well organised. The business woman demands a large band (platinum) and a central diamond with a smaller stone on each side. Elegant yet reserved, this woman exudes quality and by approaching a custom jeweller, you can have the perfect symbol of your love created by a skilled craftsman.

You know your soulmate better than anyone and armed with that knowledge, you can consult with a leading custom jeweller and design the perfect wedding ring.

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