Things to Consider Before Buying a Platform Lift

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Buying-Platform-LiftHaving limited mobility makes it difficult to move around the house. If one in your family is in this situation, imagine the stress it brings, feeling like a burden. This is especially true if you need to lift the person to get upstairs and other parts of your home that cannot be accessed by wheelchair or mobility scooter.

Investing in vertical platform lifts is one of the best solutions to help them move around your home. It would be a big help to you and the person who needs it. However, you have to make sure that you will install the right one; otherwise, it may cause you more stress and worries.

Below are some essential things to consider if you are going to buy a lift.

Let the professional measure the height

If you want the lift to be installed indoors, it is crucial to get the right measurement of the ceiling’s height to the floor. It might seem an easy task, but it would be better if you let the professional do it.

They need to measure the floor’s vertical height to the staircase’s first step for outdoor installation. Any wrong measurement can make the installation process harder and may cause unalignment.

Have it customised

Remember these two main factors before choosing the design of your vertical platform lift:

  • The entrance or access door of the lift
  • The size and the structure of the wheelchair or mobility scooter

If you are going to buy a vertical platform wheelchair online, it is essential to know the wheelchair’s size, ensuring its compatibility with the lift’s structure size. Make sure that the lift has enough space, allowing the wheelchair to change its direction inside it. It should be able to move in and out easily.

Check the safety features

Aside from the structure, size, and design of the lift, there is another thing that you must keep in mind: the safety features. Make sure that the lift is safe for the users. Check for grab bars, emergency button, remote controller, manual controller, etc.

These security features are essential, especially if the person who will use it would like to move around independently. Remember that you are installing a lift to make everyone’s life more comfortable and not cause further damage and problems.

Drive systems

Guided chains, hydraulic drives, and screw drives are commonly used drive mechanisms for a platform lift. Screw drive, while being the cheapest, will not run on batteries for backup. On the other hand, hydraulic drives can run on battery backup, but it is more expensive.

It would help if you talked to your manufacturer regarding the drive mechanism to fully understand their features, advantages, smoothness, and longevity. For instance, hydraulic drives need extra space for the fluid tank.

Your loved ones bound to a wheelchair must have the free will to move around the house. Investing in a lift could help them physically, mentally, and emotionally. Nobody wants to feel being a burden to the family.

These simple guidelines could help you make a sound decision before buying a lift installed in your home. This ensures the safety and ease of use, as well as the longevity of the device. Moreover, it will keep your property from possible heavy modifications as a result of miscalculation during installation.

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