Things To Consider When Choosing A Wall-Mounted Makeup Mirror


Are you looking for high quality, wall mounted makeup mirror that will enhance your appearance and set you apart from the rest of the crowd? You have come to the right place. In today’s world, makeup mirrors are very important accessories for professional women who go to work or attend evening events. They give a woman a chance to change her look without having to run down to the bathroom to do so. A quality makeup mirror is a must-have for professional women who want to feel like their professional images look as good on them as they do on the people around them. So, if you’re thinking about adding one to your dressing room, here are some tips to help you make your decision.

Adjustment Against the Light

One of the first things to consider when choosing a wall-mounted makeup mirror is how it will be exposed to lighting. Some makeup mirrors are completely LED lights that come on whenever they are switched on and reflect all of the light onto your face. Some are pendant lights which have lights that swing out from underneath the glass. If you need to use natural light during the day, you should choose a lighting system that will cast no shadows on your face.

Mirror Coatings

Another factor to consider when choosing a mirror is whether you want one that will sit in your normal eye color or accentuate your eyes with a colored lens. You can find acrylic and metallic in just about every color combination imaginable, including green, blue, purple, and more. Amazon also offers some of the best makeup mirrors money can buy, including ones with multiple interchangeable lenses. These are perfect for those nights when you don’t want anyone else’s eyes to see your yellow t-shirt.


One of the biggest factors in finding a wall-mounted mirror comes down to the technology used in the frame itself. Wall mirrors come in all different types of materials including wood, acrylic, plastic, glass, and more. The most common type of frame is a thin metal frame with a single bright colored lens. This type of mirror works great for anyone looking for minimal lighting, while still getting the light they need.

Double-Sided Mirror

If you have double-sided adhesive on your walls, you will want to look at the available models of wall-mounted mirrors that feature double-sided tape. These models are usually made of a thick clear plastic material and feature either mirrored or non-mirrored sides. Many double-sided tape models allow for a “half-cover” of makeup, allowing you to place the mirror over a bit of cake if you wish. These are definitely great for small bathrooms where you need to cover up a lot of areas without having to worry about someone seeing your unsightly bra strap!

LED Mirror

You will also find that the wall-mounted makeup mirrors can come with LED lights, which are very bright and make beautiful lighted accents. This is a great feature if you wish to light up your mirror when you are applying your makeup, but don’t need a large amount of light to get the job done. LED lights are available in several different types of voltage, so it is important to check out the light output before you purchase your mirror to ensure that it can handle the amount of light needed. The LED lights can be very affordable, so finding a style that works perfectly for your budget is not difficult.


When you are purchasing a wall-mounted makeup mirror, it is important to take into consideration the amount of space you have to work with. Larger mirrors will take up more room than smaller mirrors, so make sure that you know what you have to work with before purchasing! Make sure to measure the space where you intend to place the mirror, as well as the width and height of the area surrounding the mirror. This will ensure that you purchase the best makeup mirror that you can afford and will ensure that it will be the perfect fit for the space you have available. Mirrors are a major aspect of any makeup artist’s studio, so it is important that you take your time and find the one that will give you the best results.

Pro and Cons

There are a few cons to wall-mounted mirrors that Amazon does not address, including the fact that they can be flimsy and may break easily if not taken care of properly. However, these problems are minor compared to the benefits of having a mirror that can help you apply makeup correctly. They cost less than traditional mirrors, are easier to use, and can provide the convenience of getting a nice mirror without stepping outside of your bedroom. These are just a few pros and cons of wall-mounted magnified mirrors that Amazon does not cover. This does not mean that these are the only products available on Amazon, but this article has provided some basic information on the pros and cons of the products that they do offer.

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