Better Sleep Quality

Here are Quick 5 Tips for Better Sleep Quality That Actually Works

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Better Sleep Quality

Most people in the world are facing sleeping problems due to many reasons. You cannot work properly and stay healthy if you don’t take a good sleep. Following are some tips that may help you sleep better at the night.

1. Do Not Take Coffee Late in the Evening

If you regularly take coffee late in the evening, you might not know coffee can affect your sleep quality. It is best to avoid drinking caffeinated drinks, such as coffee, in the evening. Do not take coffee 6 hours before your bedtime. Coffee can disrupt your sleep.

Fortunately, you can still take decaffeinated drinks in the evening. Therefore, if you do not want to stop drinking coffee, you can drink decaffeinated drinks.

2. Take a Short Nap

It is not necessary to take a short nap. A short nap can improve your productivity. That is why some people take short naps in the afternoon. Do not, however, take your nap in the evening. It is crucial to take your nap in the early afternoon. A power nap can increase your energy. However, if you are taking your nap in the evening, your sleep quality suffers.

Do not take a long nap. A long nap increases sleep inertia. It can, therefore, cause grogginess. Make sure your nap is under 30 minutes. Corsicana’s mattress lineup could help you with any sleep issues and aid with better sleep.

3. Reduce Your Screen Time

We spend most of our free time on our phones and watching our televisions. In fact, some people watch their favorite TV shows in their bedrooms. The screen can negatively affect your sleep quality. The blue light from these screens blocks melatonin production.

If you can reduce your screen time, you can increase melatonin production in your body. If you must use your smartphone, you need to change your screen settings to reduce your exposure to blue light. It is much better to read a book before you go to bed.

4. Reduce Your Alcohol Intake

Alcohol is bad for the body. However, people still consume alcohol. In fact, some people take alcohol to help them fall asleep. Alcohol can help you fall asleep. It can, however, affect the overall quality of your sleep.

Alcohol can your body and put more stress on your body. It can put more stress on your kidneys as you sleep. That is why you wake up in the middle of the night to use the toilet. If you keep waking up throughout the night, you will never get quality sleep.

It is best to drink alcohol 4 hours before your bedtime.

5. Time Your Meals

If you eat your meals late in the evening, it can affect your sleep quality. Do not eat your dinner shortly before your bedtime. It is bad for the body to eat your meals late in the evening. It is much better to eat your meals a few hours before your bedtime.

Eating very late is bad for the body because the metabolism slows in the evening. Therefore, your stomach will have to work hard to digest the food. Your body will not get the rest you really need. If you need to eat just before your bedtime, you can eat slices of pineapple. This is because pineapple contains melatonin.

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