5 Tips For Proper Carpet Care and Maintenance

Carpet Care and Maintenance

Carpets can make a home look cozier and more luxurious. Instead of having bare floors, carpets are there to add style and dimension. They’re like the missing piece to the puzzle, where carpets on the floor tie the room together, making it look more cohesive and put-together. These are some reasons homeowners have a carpet in multiple areas in their homes.

Having carpets in your home is a significant investment, so it’s fitting that you should give them some TLC, too. Otherwise, no matter how expensive the carpet is, if it looks and feels dirty, it does nothing to elevate your home’s appeal. You wouldn’t want your carpets to be a visual nuisance when they should be a powerful design element.

With all that said, put those carpets under better care and maintenance now with these tried-and-tested tips.

1. Vacuum Your Carpets Regularly

For most homeowners who have vacuums, this machine is their go-to for picking up small dirt particles and clearing the floors, couches, and carpets of dust. Regularly vacuuming your carpets is also one of the best lines of defense to keep them well-maintained. 

Ideally, you are looking at a timeframe of at least once a week, even more, especially if you have pets. Then, you must be vacuuming the right way to be efficient with this job. Here are a few tips you can use:

  • Add a little baking soda in your vacuum cleaner’s bag (if it has one), as it can help combat odors.
  • Compartmentalize the cleaning tasks into smaller areas if you have a large vacuum to know you’re thoroughly cleaning each area.
  • Take your time; moving slowly allows the suction to do its power and get right to the root of all the dirt and grime.

Preventive work goes a long way. It’s not just about keeping your carpets clean but also possibly extending their lifespan.

2. Learn To Get Pet Hair Out of Carpet

If you have furry friends as a part of your family, your carpets will most likely be bathing in pet dander. While pets are lovely companions, they come with many extra responsibilities, like cleaning your carpet even more frequently.

This can be tough to do, but here’s a little secret to help you out: sprinkle baking soda on your carpet, then vacuum it up. Baking soda makes lifting the pet hair from the carpet easier.

3. Schedule Regular CleaningWith Professionals

There are little, routine tasks you can do on your own as a part of cleaning your home, but there’s nothing that beats the cleaning and care experts can do. Various tradespeople, like those working for carpet cleaning companies and water damage specialists, specialize in carpet care.

The difference they make comes because they have professional equipment that you don’t need on top of polished skills and expertise. This is, after all, their job. Call them over to cleaning, and drying carpet can transform them from old and dirty to one that looks fresh and new.

4. Leave Shoes Outside

This fourth tip is frequently heard of, not just to keep a home clean but also to avoid the spread of bacteria from your shoes around your home. It’s a simple thing to do, but it’s still one many homeowners and visitors could overlook. 

If you don’t like walking barefoot, you can leave house slippers by the entryway to maintain cleanliness. Remove your shoes and clean them before returning them to your shoe closet.

Make this a new habit in your home if you haven’t already, and you may notice how it keeps all the soil and dirt at bay. Your carpet could stay cleaner for longer now that they don’t take in all the steps from dirty shoes.

5. Steam Clean

This fifth carpet care tip is another reason that supports the importance of calling in the experts every so often. You may have a vacuum cleaner, as most households do, but not a steam cleaner, as the latter is not a common household appliance. Cleaning professionals have it, allowing your carpet to have that added level of cleaning you wouldn’t otherwise have done.

Steam cleaning penetrates deeper into the carpet’s fibers more than regular vacuuming does. This only needs to be done once every six months or once a year to add years to your carpet’s life.

Make Your Carpet Shine Like New

Carpets go through a lot of traffic, so it’s expected that they go through quite a beating in a home. When you first laid them out, you had beautiful carpets that made a difference in how your home looked. Over time, it gets worn out and dirty, and all its glory may fade. You can stop this from happening by being a more responsible homeowner. As you clean the other parts of your home, give your carpets the care they need to look new and smell good all year long. 

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