Tips for Revamping Home

7 Tips for Revamping Your Home Without Blowing Budget

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Tips for Revamping Home

The first thought that comes to mind when someone suggests a home remodel is, It’s going to cost too much!’ While that is somewhat true, it isn’t always the case.

Yes, if you look up the cost of room remodeling in your state, it can be alarming. Remodeling isn’t always in the budget for most homeowners, and you can only go so much beyond your ideal budget. Sometimes a complete home remodel cost can be compared with the cost of buying a new home!

Fortunately, home improvement doesn’t just stop there. There are plenty of budget-friendly ways of giving your living space an upgrade.

Home renovation costs can increase to an alarming total if you don’t dot all i’s and cross all t’s. The following tips shall help you upgrade your home without busting your budget.

1. Renew the floorboards

While a floor replacement is an ideal scenario, painting the floorboards can give a fresh and transformed look if that isn’t in your budget. You can choose a color scheme matching your new home’s décor.

Painting them white is an excellent idea to give your living space a brighter look since no color reflects light like white. When buying paint for your floorboards, remember to buy specialist paints that aren’t slippery.

If white is too stark of a shade for your taste and black is too dark, go for any shade in between. An elegant grey tone is perfect if coupled with pastel walls, making the room more spacious.

2. Don’t forget the entrance; upgrade your front door

The first impression is the last; the same applies to your home. You want your guests to develop a positive image when they enter your home. This change will be a great refresher for you when you reach home from work or come back after a tiring trip.

An extravagant hallway isn’t always necessary for giving your home a show-stopping entrance. Sometimes all you need is a color or design change. A fresh coat of paint can transform the outlook if done right.

If your front door has run its course and is due for replacement, you can look for new styles. You can go full-glass, opt for a sleek modern-day linear door, get a glazed door, add a window film, use a floral arch, or upgrade the flooring.

3. Revamp the bathroom

As unimportant as you might think a bathroom renovation is, a bathroom makeover is the least costly and easiest of all. A simple replacement of fixtures can give your bathroom a modernized and elegant appeal.

You can get a sleek brushed nickel or shiny chrome faucets and tub spouts, install walk-in tubs and tub-shower combos, or get new bath wall surrounds from a Seattle tub replacement company.

Also, consider getting additional fixtures like modern-style mirrors and lights if it is within your budget; these simple additions boost the room’s aesthetics.

4. Install a skylight

There is nothing like natural light to boost your home interior, health benefits aside. A skylight is a relatively inexpensive solution in those parts of your home where there isn’t much natural or artificial light.

In fact, a skylight is also a gateway to fresh air and ventilation that is particularly beneficial in the kitchen or the bathroom, where you don’t want odors accumulating. The skylight is also an energy- and cost-efficient alternative to artificial lighting and ventilation.

And the best part; a skylight will also add value to your home since it is a relatively unique feature.

5. Work on efficiency, not size

It is a reasonable wish to expand the home and make it more spacious. However, that isn’t always possible when you are on a budget. If increasing storage space is your goal, extension isn’t the only solution.

Reorganize your storage fixtures and install new ones to get the same effect! You can eliminate space-taking shelves and install pull-out drawers instead; it is even better if these have channels and racks. Or install vertical shelves to use spaces that don’t usually serve any purpose.

Consider installing stagger shelves in a ladder-style design; these will not only be productive in terms of storage but will also give your room a much-needed modernization.

6. Add some greenery

What a little greenery can do to your home’s aesthetics is amazing. Investing in a new lawn or a lawn renovation project will be worth it.

If you are making a lawn from scratch, you have several options; you can get sod seeds, the most popular choice since it has a tight root system. Or you can hand-seed the lawn so that you have free choice to use a seed type that meets your soil quality. Another option is hydro-seeding the fastest and most inexpensive alternative.

Lastly, artificial turf is another option to consider if gardening isn’t your cup of tea. It is low maintenance, free from the hassle of debris and leaves, and there is no need for watering or mowing.

7. Get new blinds or curtains

One of the conspicuous accessories in any room is the window treatment (curtains, blinds, or a combination of both). Make your window treatment go with your room interior, and it will look spectacular!

An interesting trend nowadays is to match patterned blinds with patterned wallpaper. You can opt for Roman decorative blinds if you want a softer look. Solar shades are also available in various designs if you don’t want your natural light to be blocked.

If you want a unique and more modern look for your rooms, you can go for shutters that go with your interior color scheme. They come with the added benefit of shutting out noise and dirt and serving as an insulator.

Final words

A home makeover doesn’t have to be as expensive as it sounds. There are plenty of budget-friendly ways to achieve similar results and get the change you want.

Repainting the floorboards, upgrading the front door, installing skylights, using space correctly, adding some greenery, and replacing your blinds can give stunning results. It is a wonder how these small changes can completely transform your house.

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