Which Plantation Shutters Are The Best For Home Windows

Plantation Shutters For Home Window

Plantation shutters are for everyone, but they’re available in a massive range of designs and styles. If you like the look of them, it’s probably because you recognize their capacity to improve almost every room in your house.

Plantation shutters can brighten up a dark back room with a floor-to-ceiling view of the outdoors. In addition, they can keep out the cold drafts in an entry hallway where bare floorboards may get chilled in winter. Plantation shutters offer a multitude of styles and materials to choose from. Each shutter style gives you the quality of the beautiful wood grain, the sturdy reinforcement of composite material, or the natural beauty of vinyl material.

The three main types of Plantation Shutters, Wood, Composite, and Vinyl, provide different benefits for your home.

Wooden plantation shutter

One of the best, most desirable characteristics of all hardwoods is retaining its original beauty with proper maintenance. Enter The wooden Shutter, designed to be maintenance-free. The wooden Shutter is the gold standard in plantation shutters because it´s crafted with basswood, a wood that contains natural oils within its cells and pores that cause it to be naturally resistant to warping and cracking. Because of this property, most other shutter companies use a synthetic finish for their products and recommend a coating for protection.

Composite plantation shutter

Composite plantation shutters are a combination of engineered wood, vinyl, and PVC. It is also known as an affordable alternative to wood shutters. These new generation shutters can be easily painted to match your decor and are available in custom sizes, as well as a variety of styles and colors.

The right decorative composite shutters will enhance the look of a house while providing security and privacy. Most modern designs combine engineered wood and vinyl for a classic design look that complements all styles. Lighter in weight than traditional wood shutters.

Vinyl plantation shutter

A house with vinyl shutters is almost always less expensive than a comparable house with wood shutters. The exact amount of vinyl plantation shutters is much lighter as well. There are disadvantages as well, however. Vinyl shutters have no structural strength of their own, unlike wood, so they need supports in the window opening. As a result, some people think that vinyl plantation shutters look cheap. Even a luxurious vinyl finish will add beauty and class to any room.


When it comes to the elegance and natural look of shutters, Plantation Shutters are a great choice. The best part of Plantation Shutters is that they are affordable and will enhance your home for years to come. From the light filtering quality of the plantation shutter and the way they stream in an abundance of natural light to the broad range of colors they come in and the different styles you can choose from, these classic coverings are the perfect window treatment for your home.

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