Tips That Could Help a Foreign National Land A Job Sponsor in the U.S.

Job Sponsor in USA

Are you having a tough time searching for a job in your interest? Probably, you want to move around the world? While hoping to get a job in a foreign country, keep in mind that you are not alone. A Monster survey revealed that 48 percent of participants agreed to leave the United States to follow their dream job. Additionally, 31 percent of those participants had no issue moving across the world.

Securing a job sponsorship is a mandatory requirement to settle in the United States under an H-1B visa. To get a job sponsor, you have to convince a U.S. employer that hiring you is worth the extra charges. Seems impossible? Well, many companies believe foreign-born individuals have the talent to do extra paperwork and pay additional expenses.

Here, I will share a few tips that help foreign workers to get a job sponsor in the United States.

Educate Yourself About Wages

First of all, you need to do some homework regarding wages for your position. Consider the industry and region where you will be working. If your asking wage is too low or too high, it decreases your chances to get a job. When you are informed about standard pay rates for your job position, you are better equipped to negotiate perfectly.

Fortunately, there are many resources to learn about pay rates such as The Bureau of Labor Statistics, Indeed, PayScale, GlassDoor, and more.

Search a Job According to Your Degrees and Skills

Although it seems obvious, many times people ignore it because of the old trends of the U.S. market. However, the situation has changed in the last decade. There was a time when having any degree helped you get a job.

Now, it is essential to have your educational background aligned with your job search for employment-based immigration. In addition, you can consider your experience and certifications to strengthen your case. In short, the more qualified you are, the more chances of getting a job sponsor.


If you want to secure a job sponsorship, you must remain active and responsive. Many times, companies introduce a job position with a short timeline. They need to hire a person immediately to run their project smoothly. In this situation, people who respond quickly and willing to start immediately have an edge over others.

Be Flexible

Remember that you need the job, so you must be flexible to meet the employer’s requirements. From time zone to location, you must be willing to adapt according to the employer’s needs. For instance, if they invite you at 2 a.m. for an interview, you have to accept it. Similarly, if you are celebrating an event, it doesn’t mean that foreign companies are also closed.

In addition, if you are flexible with the location, you are more likely to get a job sponsor. When you communicate the flexibility to your consultant, they expand the search exposing you to a wide range of markets. Ultimately, it increases your chances of landing a job.

H-1B Visa Cap-Exempt Opportunities

The annual H-1B visa cap doesn’t apply to non-profit institutions, universities, and a few hospitals. Finding an opportunity at one of these institutions speeds up the process and increases your chances of getting the visa.

However, if you move to a company that is not exempt from the cap, your visa will not remain valid. So, if you are planning to switch companies after moving to the United States, this is not the right option for you.  

Consult an Expert

Hiring a consultant can make a huge difference in obtaining a job sponsorship. They can do the hard work on your behalf and guide you about the available opportunities. Moreover, they can help you with other legal matters.

Usually, it takes about six months to get approval for visa sponsorship. However, the law allows you to start working as soon as you get a job and apply for a visa. As mentioned earlier, if you start immediately, you have an edge over others. Having an expert on your side means they will guide you if you will get approval. Moreover, they can let you know when to avoid a job because it is unlikely to get approval.

Ready the Paperwork

Sometimes, the job sponsorship for specialty positions moves so quickly that you do not get time to prepare your documentation. Make sure that you have your documentation available all the time to avoid any delays.

The Bottom Line

Securing a job sponsor is essential to settling in the United States. Having a compelling resume and flexibility in your attitude is the key to landing a job. Ensure your availability as much as possible and avoid unnecessary traveling at every cost. Target the right industry and get help from an expert to increase your chances. Most importantly, you should have your documentation ready all the time.

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