Tips to Celebrate the Lives of the Deceased Ones

Celebrate Lives Deceased OnesIt is indeed too difficult to lose a loved one. However, the people we love would want their lives to be celebrated rather than to mourn their death. Thus, despite the grief, it is essential to let them leave us with grace. The death of a loved one is not something from which one can move on. So, what matters is that we give them a beautiful goodbye and then celebrate their lives. We must acknowledge the simple fact that they got to live, and we shared a part of their lives. Death is inevitable. Thus, even in the end, it is the life that we should celebrate. We have collected a few tips to enable you to celebrate the lives of the loved ones who have left you:

  1. Plan their funeral the right way

Listen to what you want for the funeral of someone you love. Do not follow traditions if your heart is not into them. If your loved one had any wish for their funeral, fulfill it. Since the death of a beloved is difficult to cope with for a family, it might be wise to take the help of professionals. The funeral homes Louisville, Ky, help you to plan the funeral of your loved one according to your wishes and of the deceased one. It is indeed challenging to trust a stranger with such a big and personal task but trust them because they know well how to make a funeral special.

  1. Celebrate their anniversary

Do not let the death anniversary of your loved one go unnoticed. Also, please do not shy away from embracing the fact that they have left this world. It will only pile up the grief inside you. Instead, celebrate their anniversary. Buy their favorite flowers and put them in your home. Wear their favorite cologne and a piece of statement jewelry that they owned or gifted you. You can also call all the people nearby who knew your loved one. This way, you will be able to feel less lonely and celebrate their life with people who loved him/her too.

  1. Plant a tree

One of the most fabulous ways to cherish the life of a deceased loved one is to plant a tree in their name. This way, you will be gifting the earth in the name of someone you loved. It is a beautiful act of love, kindness, and charity that goes a long way. If you are celebrating their lives with other people, who knew the deceased one, you can do this activity in a group. Whether you choose to plant a tree in your garden or a public place, what matters is that you do a generous thing in the memory of your deceased loved ones.

  1. Donate their clothes

It might be challenging to let go of the belongings of your loved ones. It is okay to keep the things you might have an emotional attachment with or something you want to keep. However, it is not wise or healthy to keep all their belongings with you. The best option is to donate their clothes and their other belongings which you do not need. This way, you will be able to let go of the grief that death has caused you. The mere act of donating their clothes will give you the strength to move on from death. It will also allow you to celebrate their lives.

  1. Wear their jewelry

It is a nice gesture of celebration of a deceased life that you wear their jewelry. It could be something you loved among their collection or something they loved dearly. Put their accessories along with yours and wear them from time to time. It is also not just a little act of celebrating their life but also something that will lighten your heart and help you cope up with the loss. The more you acknowledge their death with your words and actions, the easier it will be for your heart and mental peace.

  1. Frame their happiest picture

A wonderful way to feel their presence is to frame their happiest picture. You can choose a bigger frame and put it where you can see it every day. This act will allow you to smile whenever you look at the photo. What is livelier than reliving a happy moment of someone who has passed every day?

  1. Finish what they started

This tip is crucial and demands selflessness and responsibility. The deceased person you loved might have been writing a book, helping someone financially, working on a project for his/her business etcetera. Now that they have passed, it is a nice gesture of love to finish whatever it was that they were doing. If you are not an expert to do that, find someone who does. It shows that you believed in that person, and you do not want his goals to end with him.

  1. Make an album

One of the sweetest acts to celebrate the lives of the deceased ones is that you make an album of their photos. This way, all their photos will stay in one place. You can go back to these photos once in a while. You can also easily show it to people who had a connection with the deceased in any way. An album allows you to look at the bright side of their lives and enables you to move on.

In the end, the most important tip to remember is to love and respect the people around us while they are alive. We usually end up neglecting our loved ones because of our hectic lives, which is why regret envelops us when they leave us. Also, once a loved one has left us, remember the amazing experiences they lived. Feel lucky to have known them. It will lessen the surmountable grief that you feel. The key is acknowledging their life and death and having them close to heart even when they have died.

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