Maximise Small Laundry Space

5 Tips to Maximise Your Small Laundry Room Space

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Maximise Small Laundry Space

No one loves doing the laundry, especially if you have a small laundry space. However, spending hours sorting, washing, drying, folding, and ironing several loads of laundry in a confined space can make the chore, well, a real chore.

But you don’t have to suffer in your tiny space if it is aesthetically pleasing to the eyes, has a functional layout, a beautiful laundry benchtop, and enough storage space. With just a few touches, you can actually have a laundry room that works for you and where you will enjoy working. Below are a few tips to help you design a beautiful and efficient small laundry space.

Make it yours

Seeing your unique personality reflected in any space, big or small, makes working in that area enjoyable. It doesn’t matter if it is just a few small touches: a vase of fresh flowers tucked into the corner of the work benchtop, a vintage-inspired floor runner, or a bold statement colour as your workspace’s backsplash.

Go ahead and own the space! Working for hours in a space with your personal touch will make you feel comfortable, and you won’t notice time flying by.

Plan the layout

With a small laundry room, you don’t have space to waste. You can make the most out of a galley or L-shaped layout for your tiny space. While you are still planning, consider where you will put your appliances and other elements in your laundry.

Putting your appliances near the sink makes sense for plumbing. Remember to keep the space “open” to make it look bigger, minimise the clutter as much as possible.

Make some room for storage

When designing for a small space, every inch of space should be used wisely. For example, consider putting your appliances to one side to free up space on the side where you can put a slide-out cart for your detergents and other cleaning products. If you have front-loading machines, you should consider installing overhead cupboards to store other supplies.

To personalize the space, you can add some open shelving space where you can display some small plants or candles or even some books that you can read while waiting for your laundry to finish. While you are at  it, free up some space beneath your open shelf to place a stool or bench.

Create a big worktop

In most homes, the laundry area serves a double purpose: it is also where families keep other cleaning materials like the vacuum, mops, ironing board, and even pet food. To maximise the space, plot out the area with a deep laundry benchtop.

This will free up enough space for your sorting, folding, and ironing without feeling cornered. For your benchtops, choose an engineered stone because they are highly resistant to stains and scratches and are easy to clean.

Choose the best appliances

Save more space by stacking your washer and dryer. This will free up space where you can put a tall cabinet that will serve as extra storage space for your odd-shaped supplies, like mops or your ironing board. Consider also putting your machines on top of a platform or pedestal to free up some space beneath.

Working in a confined space can easily make you feel frustrated, making doing the laundry a terrible chore to accomplish. But if you actually put in the effort and time to plan your working area, you’ll surely find laundry a much more fulfilling and satisfying chore!

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