Top 10 Hair Growth Products for 2023


Hair growth products are products with a natural-ingredient base that help you grow hair. These products come in the form of creams, oils, shampoos, and conditioners.

The primary benefit of these products is hair growth. However, hair growth may depend on the type of ingredients. And, it also depends on the scalp, hair type, and hair condition.

After you decide to go natural, you’ll have to get a haircut. Then, the burdensome period of hair growth begins. That’s about the right time to learn the truth about virgin hair.

You can grow your hair with hair growth products.

Regardless, the hair growth products work. Here is the list of the top 10 picks you can find and purchase online.

1. Virgin Hair Fertilizer

Virgin Hair Fertilizer is a vaseline-like product with a high success rate for hair growth. It looks like a thick gel with a strong peppermint smell.

To use the product, apply the Virgin Hair Fertilizer to the hair, and leave it overnight. When you wake up, wash your hair and apply the product again in a few days.

The primary benefit of this product is the growth rate. You’ll see the results almost a week after applying the hair growth product.

Another great thing is that you aid the results of the product with other natural ingredients. Wait at least a month after going natural to use it. Your hair needs time to generate before using a virgin hair fertilizer.

Avoid using it every day in the first few months.

2. Jamaican Black Castor Oil

Jamaican Black Castor Oil is popular for its thickening and hair growth ability. The oil offers you two benefits.

First, the oil is rich in nourishing components. It contains Vitamin E and omega fatty acids. These acids feed the follicles, making them thicker.

The second benefit is that Castor oil works as a sealant. The sealants are what keeps the moisture in, reducing the hair porosity, and keeping your hair healthy.

It’s best to use Castor oil on bald and thinning spots. The oil will increase the thickness of your hair, after regular use of course.

3. The Roots Naturelle Conditioner

The Roots Naturelle Conditioner is an excellent product to use while washing your hair. You need to use it for 15 minutes at most, during your shower.

This conditioner is rich in peppermint oil, proteins, Vitamin E, and sweet almond oil. When you apply it to your hair, you’ll feel a cooling sensation.

Focus the use on the edges of the scalp, keep it on, and then wash your hair. This is a product you can use with other natural ingredients for hair growth.

Expect the first results in a few weeks.

4. Shea Moisture JBCO Shampoo

Shea Moisture JBCO shampoo is an amazing product for your daily hair care. The primary ingredient of the JBCO shampoo is castor oil.

The shampoo uses rich vitamins, along with apple cider vinegar. The mixture accelerates hair growth, while also balances your hair pH.

The downside of JBCO shampoo is that you have to use it with other products. You have to mix it with other products to get the full effect.

Still, Shea Moisture JBCO shampoo helps the hair grow, balances the pH. Use it on your scalp and scalp edges for maximal results.

5. Shea Moisture JBCO Leave-In Conditioner

Shea Moisture JBCO leave-in conditioner goes with JBCO shampoo. The reason why these products are included in the list is that they provide excellent results.

Another benefit of conditioner is the richness of shea butter. The shea butter helps to coat and seal moisture in the hair. That leaves the hair with lower porosity and makes hair last longer.

Use it with the JBCO shampoo to keep the hair strong. An additional benefit is that you don’t have to search too much. Instead, you can combine the products from the same line to achieve maximum results.

6. Peppermint Oil

After the products, you can try natural ingredients like peppermint oil. Peppermint oil is a basic ingredient in 85% of natural hair products.

It has a distinct smell, and it creates a cooling sensation when you put it on the skin. While it offers amazing results, you have to be careful when you use it.

If you choose peppermint oil, make sure to get another natural oil like castor oil. Peppermint oil is highly concentrated and it could damage your hair if you directly use it.

Nevertheless, it’s an amazing natural ingredient to use for natural hair growth.

7. Vitafuson Extra Strenght Biotin Gummies

Vitafuson Biotin Gummies are the most interesting product on the list. Unlike other hair growth products, you use gummies by eating them.

Biotin gummies work wonders for skin, nails, and hair. It increases your body functions, rejuvenates it, and gives you energy.

Users report thicker hair and hair growth after two months. The only problem is that your body may not adapt or absorb Biotin. Make sure to consult your doctor before buying and using this product.

8. Hydratherma Naturals Deep Conditioning Treatment

Hair growth products aren’t only the products that make hair growth. Hair growth products are also products that keep your hair healthy.

Hydratherma conditioner is such a product. It’s rich in keratin, which is a vitamin that keeps the hair healthy.

This is a product you use once a month. It helps your hair to become even stronger. However, it’s a strong product and it can damage your hair if you overuse it.

9.Wild Growth Hair Oil

Wild Groth hair oil is similar to the Hydratherma product. It’s a strong combination of oils to help you with hair growth.

The problem with this product is the concentration of oils. However, there’s a specific tip that helps you dose the amount of oil you use.

It’s best to use it sporadically, a few times a month. Also, use it with other products for better effects.

10. As I Am Coconut CoWash

As I Am Coconut CoWash is an excellent hair conditioner. While it’s not a hair growth product specifically, it’s going to help your hair keep moisture and be stronger.

You can use it once per week, along with other products. Use it during the shower.

There you have it. These are the best products for hair growth.

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