Phone Accessories for Rider Driver

Top 4 Phone Accessories Every Rider/Driver Should Own

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Phone Accessories for Rider Driver

If you have a vehicle, be it a two-wheeler or four-wheeler, you know how important it is to have it geared up with the best equipment that makes it more functional. Keeping your phone safe is necessary, and riding or driving while keeping it in your pocket is unsafe and highly uncomfortable. You want it accessible since you may have to use the GPS to follow directions or attend important calls.

Various tools available in the market today, such as the range of quad lock accessories, make handling your phone while travelling a lot easier. Here’s a list of tools you should get to keep you and your phone safe.


If you have a four-wheeler, this accessory is a must. Car mounts are a lifesaver to any driver since they allow you to use your phone hands-free. You don’t have to use your phone while driving or stop the car in the middle of the road. Use the mount, place your phone, and move without shifting focus from the road. Make sure the mount can be swivelled 360°, allowing greater device mobility.

Similarly, bikes also need mounts. They can be easily attached to the handlebars and gives the rider easy access. Buy one that has an ultra-strong grip and will keep your phone secure.

Wireless Charging Points

You’re in your car, but your phone’s dying. You must keep your vehicle equipped with a wireless charging head attached to the desk. However, make sure that you buy something that’s good quality. Wireless charging heads are among the best quad lock accessories, so you can check that or something similar. It should be able to charge your phone’s dying.

Phone Poncho

If you’re a rider, you know how scary it can be when it rains and you don’t have anything to protect your phone. Buy a phone poncho to ensure that your device does not get damaged due to harsh weather conditions. They fit snugly, is water resistant, and keep your phone safe and dry. The ponchos are usually very thick, so even if you drop your phone, it’ll remain intact.

Phone Cases

Frequent travellers will agree that having a good-quality phone case is essential to ensure safety. It should be made with sturdy materials such as polycarbonate. This will increase the durability of the product.

Furthermore, if you’ve installed quad lock accessories such as the bike mount, you need a phone case that is compatible with it. Their phone cases are of superior quality and are made to securely attach/detach from the bike mount.

Final Thoughts

If you love driving and riding, investing in accessories is always a great idea if you love driving and riding. It’ll increase the functionality of your vehicle and make your life easier. However, it is advised that one should prohibit the use of cell phones during driving/riding unless it’s indispensable. So, to ensure your safety, use your phone only if required.

If you wish to jazz up your vehicle, look up some fun gadgets available online and get the ones that interest you. The more personal touch you add to the car, the more you’ll feel like using it, making the experience enjoyable for you and the ones riding along with you.

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