What Types of Mobile Skins & How Long Do Phone Skins Last?

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Mobile skins, laptop skins, debit card skins and airpod skins are some of the types of gadget skins available in market. They protect your mobile device from dents and scratches.

Gadget skin is a thin plastic film which can be applied over mobile or laptop devices to give them a unique feel and protection against scratches. The mobile skins or laptop skins are available in wide variety of designs and can be customized according to your mobile or laptop model.

Custom mobile skins are better than mobile cases because mobile cases will completely hide the mobile’s original beauty whereas custom mobile skin will protect your mobile device while giving it a unique look. Mobile device manufacturers spend lot of resources in developing beautiful mobile phones which often loose their charm after mobile cases are applied.

With a mobile skin you can change the look of your mobile device in seconds. It makes easy for people to have more than one mobile device to select from using mobile skins

Mobile skins also protect mobile devices from dust and fingerprints. They keep the mobile screen clean and add life to dead mobile screens. You mobile skin can also be applied on laptop or computer monitor.

Mobile skins have become quite popular these days but mobile skins are not new to mobile industry, they have been used from the time of Nokia mobile phones which were initially made of plastic. The mobile skins back then were manufactured by third party companies who use to print customized company logos on mobile skins. Since mobile manufacturers started manufacturing mobile devices from scratch, mobile covers which could hide mobile logos were introduced in market

Aeropus 3d design studio is the company which has been working on developing mobile skin designs from past many years and have become one of the leading companies for mobile skins designing. They have more than 2 million combinations for mobile skins which can be used to customize mobile devices

Mobile skins are available in wide variety of designs, you can check mobile skin online or offline

Types of Mobile Skins available in market:-

  1. Customized mobile skins (mobile skin with your own design or company logo)
  2. Printed mobile skins (mobile skin with pre designed templates by us) These are some of the advantages of custom mobile skins over mobile cases.
  3. Avengers mobile skins – Many mobile skins want their favorite avengers on their mobile so they either choose from ironman mobile skins, spiderman mobile skins, hulk mobile skins, wonder women mobile skins etc.
  4. For formal looks you can choose matte mobile skins, wooden floor mobile skins etc.

Are mobile skins good?

Mobile manufacturers have spend thousands of hours in perfecting the look of your phone and spend lot of money for a good design.

When you choose mobile covers it covers all the back of you phone and hides it. We know that your intention behind covering the phone with a mobile cover is to keep it protected from scratches and sudden fall down etc. You have spend thousands of rupees on a phone and now you are hiding it in a cover. .

That’s not fair!

The simple solution is to use a mobile skin which protect your phone from scratches, fingerprints, sudden fallings. These skins are not as heavy as mobile covers and fits well into your pocket. Another benefit of using mobile skins is that they creates a friction thus your phone does not slip from your hand or pocket.

Can Gadget skins be removed?

This is the most frequently asked question whether mobile, laptop or airpod skins can be removed or not. The answer to this is yes, the gadget skins can be removed but cannot be reused as you need glue to stick them back to the mobile.

To remove the skin from your gadget, just simply scratch the skin from one end with your nail so that it lifts up and then remove the skin.

The main benefit of using mobile skins over covers is that they do no put scratches on your device’s body as mobile cover does. Mobile skins are specially designed to fit you mobile device.

How long do phone skins last?

Mobile phone skins can last more than a year and the life of mobile skin depend on two factors – one is the quality of vinyl plastic used to manufacture mobile skins and other is how perfectly mobile skin fits your device. When you combine these two things, your mobile skins will last longer.

Mostly gadget skins are manufactured from fine quality vinyl and are designed with full accuracy and precision by digital plotting machines so that they fits on your device. If the phone wrap perfectly fits your phone then these are not leftover edges which can be pulled by activities like putting phone in pocket. Other thing with loosely fitted gadget skins is that over the time the loose ends of these wraps accumulate dirt which will spoil your skin. So, the gadget skins fits perfectly well on your device.

Many companies have quality checks of their product under certain conditions so that the material withstand against tough norms.

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