Top 5 Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Every Kind of Father

Father Day Gift Ideas

Dads can be hard to shop for. (If you don’t want to shop at all for his fathers day gift, scroll to the last paragraph.) What do you get the man who has everything? Especially if he’s a grill aficionado – it may seem like there’s nothing material that could benefit your BBQ king. He’s happiest with his beer and tongs, but you want to show him you care. So instead of shooting blind, follow our gift guide to give your dad his best Father’s Day yet.

No matter his age or where he’s at in life, these Father’s Day gift ideas are sure to demonstrate how much you love and appreciate your dear old dad. Many dads feel taken for granted – like no matter how hard they work or how much they pay, their families simply expect it without thanks. Show the dad in your life that this is not the case and give him something special that will light him up like the BBQ.

Number 5: A Good Cookbook

If your dad enjoys cooking, he probably spends plenty of time on his phone or the computer looking for new ways to BBQ old favourites and spice up Sunday dinner. Show him you see how much time and thought he puts into feeding his family, and give him a few extra ideas while you’re at it. Get away from the blue light and give dad a memento of all the awesome memories and recipes your family has cooked up over the years with a classic grilling cookbook.

Number 4: A New Set of Tools

If your dad loves the barbecue and you’re not sure what to get him, it’s hard to go wrong with a new set of grilling tools. Get him a fresh brush (it’s recommended for safety!), some new tongs, and a real sharp spatula – he’ll feel like the king of the grill all summer long! A new set of BBQ tools are highly recommended because dads tend to keep them around until they’re completely defunct.

Amplify your dad’s grilling experience with a fresh set of top-line grilling accessories and he will realize that he didn’t know what he was missing out on. All of a sudden, hot dogs just go right onto the serving dish instead of flying onto the deck due to faulty tongs! There are tons of affordable and luxury options out there, so shop around. He is sure to thank you.

Number 3: Smoking Chips

Want to up the ante this fathers day and provide your dad with some fun? Grab him some wood chips and encourage his creativity and the chef’s finesse! Fathers can spend so much time working to provide for the family that they fail to try new hobbies and invest in themselves. It won’t be hard to get your dad to give something new a shot if it’s connected to one of his favourite pastimes! Get your dad some high-quality woodchips and the appropriate accessories to go with them from your favourite BBQ store. Suddenly, the master chef is back at it again as he challenges himself to perfect the art of cheese smoking! You will smile as you watch your pops enjoy a new spin on an old hobby.

Number 2: Gag Aprons and Gloves

Dads often forgo safety when it comes to household tasks – they seem to believe that they are immune to the dangers of being a handyman, and this is no less true around the grill. Even burning his favourite shirt hasn’t stopped him from failing to don safety gear when it’s time to fire up the BBQ.

Beat him at this own game and get a gag apron he won’t be able to resist! He will think he is hilarious, always remembering to put it on so he can remind you of your silly gift – but you will sleep better knowing that you saved him from burning himself, again.

Number 1: A New ‘Cue!

We saved the best for last with this gift suggestion! Get your dad a new barbecue if you want to be the kid of the year! Although it may be a more expensive endeavour to upgrade your dad’s equipment, it’s not unlikely that he’s been rocking the same old BBQ since the 90s. But if he already has a great setup, consider getting your dad a second type of grill!

There are so many different options! Does your dad love camping? Get him a spiffy portable camp BBQ! Is he into new and different flavours? Get him a real professional smoker! There are more different ways to BBQ now than ever, so take the time to do your research and see what you can find.

The Real Bonus: Give the Gift of Time

In closing, our final suggestion is to spend some quality time with your father. Don’t let the holiday be an excuse – if you have a good relationship with your dad, no amount of money can account for the time spent with his biggest investment. Take your dad camping (with that portable grill!) or even just out for a long walk. Ask him what he thinks about stuff, even if you don’t have similar interests. If you are a parent yourself one day, you will understand why this is the best recommendation we could give.

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