Top 5 Innovative Eco-Friendly Window Treatment Ideas

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You can easily bring nature into your home in your window treatments. The best materials are organic, such as bamboo, grass, wood and jute. These are all made from natural materials that are harvested with sustainable methods to have less of an impact on the environment throughout the lifestyle and to contribute to a lovely, healthy atmosphere in your home or office.Eco-Friendly-Window-Treatment

What Factors Should You Consider in Eco-Friendly Products

There are different factors that make a window treatment an eco-friendly choice. You should look for some characteristics or factors before you make a purchase to ensure you are choosing wisely. Eco-friendly products are sustainable and durable as well. You should choose non-toxic materials for eco-friendly window treatments and choose the best quality of eco-friendly and sustainable items to have a durable and long lasting product. You should also choose products while thinking about your energy savings in keeping your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. A great choice can result in your recouping the money you pay for window treatments in savings on your electric bill quickly.

Eco-Friendly Wood Blinds

Wood blinds that are harvested through a sustainable material bring a natural look to your rooms. Wood blinds are extremely durable for extreme hot and cold outdoor temperatures and they bring a warmth to your rooms as well. You can choose from just about any color you can imagine because your wood blinds can be stained to match your crown molding or trim work in your home for a seamless appearance. You also get great light and privacy with wood blinds because you can open or close them fully or tilt the slats to any position you like for the perfect amount of light at all times. Wood blinds don’t have any paint or protection products on the wood that can be harmful to your family. They are just natural and real wood from sustainable trees with the beautiful wood grain that awaits your decision on what color you would like them stained or they may be sealed with a clear coating to retain the shade of wood.

Nature-Friendly Faux Wood BlindsFlower Window Boxes Planter

Have you taken a look at the faux wood blinds? You can’t tell that they are not actually made of real wood and they are durable as well. They are made with unique recycled substances that offer a great choice in high humidity and moisture areas of your home, such as kitchens and bathrooms. This window treatment won’t chip, warp or break and they operate in the same manner of wood blinds. As an added feature, when you replace faux wood blinds, they are also recyclable so you are not filling landfills with items.

Energy Efficient Honeycomb Cellular Shades

The unique design of honeycomb or cellular shades makes them an excellent choice in energy efficiency. They have tiny chambers in them shaped much like a honeycomb. The chambers trap the air next to your window when the shades are down so that the air can’t get into your rooms. In the winter, you will have heat gain and in the summer, you will have heat loss in your home with this type of shades so you will save money year round on your heating and cooling costs. Honeycomb shades add a certain crisp and clean appearance to your home.

Beautiful Woven Wood Shades

Woven wood shades are a non-toxic choice that is safe for pets and children. They are made from many different types of grasses or woods with bamboo being the most used resource. You can choose from a large selection of shades of brown and green hues so they will blend in with any type of decor you may have. Woven wood shades have small pinholes in them to allow a bit of light inside to bounce off your walls and make your rooms appear larger than they really are. As a custom window treatment, you can add trim to your woven wood shades with a colorful pattern running horizontally at the top, center or bottom of the shades. This is a great solution to have a natural and beautiful shade with a pop of color to match your color palate in any setting.

Sophisticated Roller Shades

Window roller shades give your space an elegant and stylish appearance to any room. They are energy efficient and offer insulation from the extreme hot or cold temperatures. Your choices in roller shades are very vast, as you can choose from a huge range of colors, textures, patterns and prints to suit your needs. If you like, you can add an additional layer of protection and insulation with a backing material of your choice. You can choose a thicker style and have blackout window treatments for your bedroom to keep it quiet and dark for great sleeping. In a window that doesn’t get much sun because of the direction it faces, you may choose a lighter fabric for a more delicate appearance.

If you are searching for new window treatments and you want to get on board with the green movement, then you should check out these top 5 eco-friendly choices.

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