Top 7 Gemstone with Meanings and Healing Properties

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Due to the recent surge in demand for healing gemstones or crystals, the world has started noticing these alternative therapies for many ailments. The gemstones are nothing new to the world of healing. Humans, since ancient ages, have been using crystals for various therapeutic and healing purposes.

According to Vedic astrology, crystals align with the seven chakras in the human body to promote and stimulate the flow of life force without any obstructions. Each gemstone represents a planet and carries its metaphysical and cosmic energies to heal your body, mind, and spirits.

If you wonder which gemstone can suit this purpose best, here are the top seven gemstones with their astrological meanings and powerful healing properties.

1. Amethyst

As an ultimate calming crystal, amethyst can alleviate various stress triggers. It symbolizes safety and tranquility when your mind is distracted and overcome with fears. It brings wisdom to its wearer and promotes unadulterated love in relationships. It is a stone of romance and mystery. Amethyst is also believed to enhance your spiritual understanding while keeping you grounded.

Many psychics use this gemstone for meditation as it creates an intense awareness of various spiritual channels. It can boost the nervous system and balance your hormones. You can also use amethyst to relieve headaches, cure insomnia, or reduce neck pain. Keep it under your pillow at night to sleep soundly and avoid nightmares.

2. Emerald

Throughout human history, the emerald has been a coveted stone known for its association with the planet Mercury. It can improve your intelligence, reasoning, and memory with its intense metaphysical capabilities.

As the May birthstone, it symbolizes hope, new beginnings, and happiness. It can soothe troubled souls and spark imagination when you need it. Due to its stunning green color, it is soothing to the eyes. Emerald stimulates the heart chakra to enhance your intuition and promote love.

3. Aquamarine

Nothing can calm your spirit and mind like a pure aquamarine. It has been coveted as the stone of sea and sailors since antiquity. In the erstwhile eras, people wore aquamarine as an amulet for protection and safe journeys. It symbolizes love, bravery, and peace. When you feel your self-confidence faltering, you can wear this gemstone to get the courage for facing any circumstances.

As a healing gemstone, aquamarine can relieve anxiety and boost your serenity. It can wash away the negative emotions and activate your heart chakra to block toxic feelings and energies. In some cultures, aquamarine is used to dispel the nerves when you encounter any challenging situation.

4. Ruby

There is no denying that ruby is one of the most stunning gemstones existing on the planet. The blood-red color of this gemstone evokes passion and gives you innate strength. However, the healing properties and astrological meaning of ruby stone go much beyond these benefits.

In its physical form, ruby is a member of the sapphire family and one of the fire gems that can boost your root chakra. So, when you are hit by fatigue, stress, or lethargy, this stone can lift up your spirits and boost your stamina. It also restores the vitality of your body and brings more intellect to your mind. In ancient cultures, this gemstone was also used for improving circulation and removing harmful toxins from the body.

5. Garnet

As the January birthstone, garnet carries deep symbolism and astrological significance. Since ancient times, it has been associated with light, heat, and fire energies. Garnet also symbolizes true love and emotional connection with your inner-self. It is the stone of mutation and transformation as it can remove any difficulty hindering your path to success.

The deep red color of garnet energies and reboots your entire system. It can revitalize your body and boost your confidence for better emotional health. You will forget your inhibitions and think creatively by wearing this gemstone. It will open your communication lines for better expression. For physical healing, garnet stimulates the metabolism and helps your blood to clot and stop bleeding.

6. Sapphire

The blue sapphire is the epitome of royalty and wisdom that goes beyond any boundaries. This wonderful and elegant gemstone can bring happiness, peace, and fortune to your life. For physical healing, it can reduce eye irritation and other eye-related problems.

If you have any blood disorders, wearing blue sapphire gemstone can help. It also eases anxiety, stress, insomnia, and depression to bring you out of gloom and melancholy. Although sapphire comes in several shades, blue is the dominant one for physical, spiritual, and emotional healing. It connects to your third-eye chakra to enhance intuition and positivity.

7. Pearl

As the queen of jewels, a pearl is a gemstone that exudes elegance and purity. It is the birthstone for June and known for its deep metaphysical powers. Pearl symbolizes peace, good health, and wealth. It represents honesty and feminine power while amplifying the openness of mind. Pearl is an organic gemstone that is used in many traditional healing practices worldwide.

From treating the digestive systems to controlling heart problems and fertility issues, it is an exceptional healing stone. You can even use it in your makeup powder for a glowing and radiant look. Skin problems like rosacea can be treated with a pure pearl. It offers relief from various water-borne diseases and maintains the proper water balance in your body.

These are the top seven gemstones with their exciting properties and amazing healing benefits. However, a gemstone is effective only when you buy and wear it correctly. There are many pitfalls to avoid in your journey to crystal healing. It starts with the right type of gemstone bought after consulting an experienced astrologer.

Other important points to keep in mind are:

  • Choose the right color of the healing gemstone after checking its intensity, tone, and hue.
  • Go for an eye-clear and blemish-free crystal that has no scratches on its surface. Any visible flaws make the gemstones unsuitable for crystal healing or astrological benefits.
  • Pick the right carat and cut of the gemstone. Consult your astrologer for both these aspects.
  • Also, check the origin of the gemstone and buy it from an authentic source only.

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