Top 5 Most In-Demand Jobs to Work Abroad

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Moving abroad is a thrilling concept to contemplate, but for some people, it may appear like an unrealistic dream due to the perceived difficulties of finding a job. Although finding a steady income stream can be a challenge in any location, finding a career that suits you in another country is possible. To accomplish this, you must be practical and reflect on your skills and experiences that can be used to succeed in a new position in an entirely new country. So, as you pack your belongings with the assistance of international moving companies, alleviate any more stress by securing a stable job in the country of your dreams.

Discover the fields and specific careers you can find abroad and what professional opportunities will permit you to travel.


The field of education is a noble and versatile role to be in. Imparting life skills onto the youth while curating a sense of structure in the classroom has historically been one of the most important job roles to create a functioning society. Not only is teaching paramount in moulding the youth of tomorrow, but it is also a position that can permit you to travel and move abroad. While teaching positions can be few and far between your home, the international education field is constantly expanding and is often in demand in various locations. In countries like China, France, Columbia, and Japan, teachers who hold a bachelor’s in education are often sought after.

In lieu of a formal degree in education, you can acquire a Teaching English as Foreign Language (TEFL) certificate that will give you the qualifications to teach English abroad. There are reputable organizations and government institutions that have developed sponsored programs to accept foreign entry to those with TEFL certifications in recent years in locations like Spain, Japan, and Italy.

Graphic designer

Graphic design is an industry that is continuously in demand in many locations abroad, making it an adaptable vocation with a multitude of avenues to explore. If you’re qualified and have experience in creating artistic designs for digital media, then your skills will be wanted from more than just the area you reside in. Do your research and apply for graphic design jobs in countries that have prominent digital companies that need your diligent design work and vast skill set.


Tourism is a popular industry in many different countries and is one of the largest sectors in perpetual growth. Although COVID-19 has hindered the industry from expanding at the rate it was before the pandemic, this industry is still extremely relevant, and jobs are always in-demand. If you want to get a job in a foreign location in the tourism industry, there are many entry-level positions that are waiting to be filled with only minimal prior experience needed. While some roles might require secondary schooling listed under your academic background, it’s not always needed.

Assistant and Administration

Assistant and administration jobs are often entry-level positions requiring little to no formal education or extensive experience. More so, many of these positions have become remote since the initial global pandemic, so they are accessible no matter the location. Remote and entry-level work like assistant and admin jobs are more flexible regarding your workload, the hours you work, and the location where you’re in. Handling many obligations for a company is a necessary undertaking, and your services will be in demand in locations worldwide–whether you want to work in an office or not.


Many healthcare systems worldwide are falling short of employees they depend on to maintain the most imperative government sector, resulting in healthcare becoming a professional field that is always looking for workers. Positions like nurses, doctors, midwives, pharmacists, and roles in humanitarian relief consistently need to be filled by those with applicable backgrounds in every condition. You can work with a recruitment agency to help you find an international healthcare job that will permit you to travel and help patients in an area foreign to you.


Secure a move abroad by acquiring employment in another country, enabling you to travel and make money simultaneously. It’s best to seek work in a field you have a related background in and find out if these particular fields are in-demand in the country where you’ve always wanted to reside. While you still might be concerned about other moving matters, like finding reputable international moving companies for assistance, cementing a job before moving will alleviate financial and stability concerns.

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