Ways to Get Creativity

3 Top Ways to Get Creativity Flowing Again

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Ways to Get Creativity

Being stuck for ideas when you need to get work done can be a nightmare. Not only does it cost you time and money, but it can also be significantly frustrating.

You are sitting there ready to type, your paintbrush is in your hand, your pencil is ready to sketch, and nothing is happening.

What are you supposed to do in moments like these if it isn’t give up and try again tomorrow? Well, sometimes that will work, but it might be better to try these options first for a faster transition!

1. Get Moving

Moving is great for both the body and mind. It doesn’t really matter what you do to get yourself out of your chair and work up a mild sweat; it just matters that you do it. That being said, a walk has been shown to be an excellent choice if you really want to boost your creativity. If you can get outside, the combination of the fresh air and a new environment can help get your brain moving in the right direction again. The key is to just let your brain think freely while you are walking in a cathartic manner and let the ideas come to you instead of trying to chase them down. 

2. Speak to Others

There is nothing like external influence to help get you into the swing of things again. For some it might be reading a novel; for others watching a new film. However, if you want an experience that can take you in several unplanned directions, this can be as simple as just chatting with someone. It can be difficult to find others to talk to when you are freelance, whether that be about work or life, but there are some ways that can help make it easier. One of these is hiring a coworking space. You will get to meet interesting and like-minded people day in and day out from all walks of life, and you never know when a conversation, no matter how small, will spark something inside of you!

3. Do Something for Fun

Many people lose their sense of fun and play for the sake of playing as they venture further and further into adulthood, and there are many reasons why. The best thing you can do is to try and keep that childlike part of you alive. Children are forever coming up with stories, plays, business ideas… you name it! And one of the reasons is that they have time to play and explore, unburdened by what others might think and with no real care for it needing to mean something apart from enjoyment.

Try something you have always wanted to try or find something to do for fun for half an hour. Taking the pressure off gives your brain a chance to relax and explore, which will help creativity tenfold.

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