Why Modern Gas Fires Could Improve Your Home

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Many homeowners are switching to modern gas fires in their homes, in addition to their central heating. However, if you’re still on the fence whether to get another modern gas fireplaces, check out the top reasons why you really should acquire another one below.


Value and Desirability

Adding a fireplace to your home can actually increase its overall value and appeal. In fact, in a recently conducted study, the average increase in the value of a home after the addition of a fireplace is six to twelve percent.


Reduce Annual Heating Costs

Aside from adding value, the right type of fireplace can save the homeowner a lot in terms of heating costs. Take for example a gas fireplace. With this type of fireplace, it is possible to heat the home using “zone heating”. This simply means heating only the room that is being used instead of the whole household.

Some of the newer modern gas fires have an intelligent feature called the Intellifire ignition system that only gives off an ignition flame when it is needed for even more savings on fuel and energy.



Gas fireplaces are also easy to appreciate. They are easy on the eyes and are very easy to install. So easy in fact that one can be installed in almost any room in the home. The beauty of a gas fireplace is that there is no smoke or any dirty by-product that has to be dealt with every time it is used.

All it takes to enjoy it is a flip of a switch. Some gas fireplace designs are see-through, allowing the flames to be viewed from two rooms at once. Talk about double impact. With this design, investing in one fireplace actually yields two fireplaces!
Gas fireplaces are not expensive, to begin with. One can be installed for as little as $6,000 including room renovation costs. But the benefits alone in terms of value-added and enjoyment is more than worth the cost.


The fire has always invoked a soothing effect. There is something about a fireplace that draws people to gather and share some warmth. Now, it is possible to bring this relaxing effect safely inside the home with modern gas fires.

Installing a fireplace could be the best decision one can make in terms of improving the home. Check out available options online or run to the nearest dealer for price and availability.

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