5 Types of Materials That Used to Make Product Packaging

Type Product Packaging Material

Every day millions of products are sold through the online and offline market. Each new product is well packed and wrapped in a box, pouch, or bundle so that it looks nice and easy for the consumer to take away. Packing also protects the product from dust, reduces product damage, increases safety, and keeps the product in good condition for a longer time. It also allows companies to print their brand name, price, and other product information so the consumer can buy the goods easily with all the details from their favorite brands.

Product labeling provides more advantages for both manufacturer and customer as it makes it easy to identify through logo or name, describes all things, product comparison easy, helps in marketing, and protects you from getting cheated. Different types of materials are used for each category of product packaging, Let’s take a look at it:

Corrugated Fiberboard

Corrugated or cardboard boxes are the most used packing material. Almost it is used to pack everything except for liquid, which is already not stored in a bottle or pouch. Corrugated packaging is environmentally friendly because it contains recycled content and again recyclable. It is benefits are; provides efficient protection for the product’s shipping, transportation, and handling, and renewable, reusable, and lightweight material. Corrugated product packaging boxes are also easy to carry and open. It is used for food storage, packing for gifts, electronic devices, shoes, pizzas, bottles, fruits, e-commerce shipping, and more.

Plastic with Aluminum Foil

Mostly the food industry uses this packing for their variety of foods. Plastic and aluminum foil are impervious to moisture, bacteria, light, and all gases. Its outer part is built from plastic and the inside with metal or aluminum foil. It has the ability to keep the food fresh for a longer time and block out bacteria and moisture. Normally we this packaging for biscuits, chips, hot dishes, and other ready-made foods.

Plastic Wrapping

Plastic is another most used thing in the packing industry. It is used to wrap boxes, glass bottles, food packing, and product lamination, and wrapping and sealing every new product and thing. It is very easy to use, shrink wrap using heat, tight seal, and dust, dirt, or moisture resistance.

Paper Packaging

It is an eco-friendly, recyclable, renewable, 100% biodegradable, and cost-effective packing solution. It is mainly used for dry foods, fast food, document wrapping, soaps, clothes, cosmetics, medicines, and more. Paper wrappers are common, which means that you can find countless options when you choose to use this material in packaging your products. If you’re planning to buy paper packaging in bulk, make sure to do business with well-known brands in the market, such as Bulk Gift Wrap, as they offer a wide selection of paper wrappers and bags for your products.”

Glass – Jars & Containers

Glass packings are safer and stronger than plastic. We can reuse and recycle glass jars, bottles, and containers. It is a traditional packing method that is still used for many things such as liquid foods, drinks, juice, beauty products, syrup, cooking oils, and kitchen storage.

So these are the most common packaging materials that we see in daily life. What packaging methods do you prefer?

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