Types of Puzzles That You Have to Solve in an Escape Room

Types of Puzzles Escape Room

If you’re looking for a fun and challenging activity, check out an escape room! These rooms are filled with puzzles you’ll have to solve to escape. An escape room is a puzzle game where you have to solve puzzles to escape from the room.

Escape rooms are designed to be challenging yet fun. But don’t worry; you can succeed with some logical deduction and a spirit of exploration. Most escape games feature a range of puzzles that all relate to the game’s overall theme, work together to uncover new areas of the room, and ultimately lead to the game’s grand conclusion: the big escape!

5 Types of Puzzles You Encounter In An Escape Room

Puzzles are among the game that involves everyone in the crowd. For an escape room, having a puzzle game is important. There are 5 types of puzzles that escape rooms typically have and how to solve them. They are the following:

1. Codebreaker

In this type of puzzle, you need to figure out how to unlock a code hidden in the room. These codes are in any form, i.e., alphabets, numbers, or anything, which opens the way for more clues. You need to be more careful while searching in an escape room. By cracking these codes, you reach the newest level of the escape game, which can be more puzzling and confusing for the candidates.

2. Memory

In this type of puzzle, you must remember a certain sequence of clues to unlock the door. Anything is a clue when talking about an escape game, so always be attentive while exploring each object of an escape room. You need to focus more on finding the clues for these escape room games.

3. Logic

In this type of puzzle, you must figure out how to use the objects in the room to solve the problem. To crack these kinds of logical games, you need to focus on every object in the escape room and find logic in them to crack these logical games. You can book Dallas escape room to play these escape games and enjoy the adventurous experience of solving logical escape games.

4. Lock Picking

 In this type of puzzle, you must find the correct key to open the lock. Escape room users frequently use four-digit master locks, 5-word locks, and directional locks. These locks are very good at increasing the variety of locks and avoiding the circumstance when players are confused about which lock their code should go with. Sometimes game makers would select a word for 5-letter word locks that fits the theme of the area, which can cause players to try to identify the right word.

5. Time

In this type of puzzle, you must find the accurate timepiece to open the door. A puzzle set is given that is required to resolve to open the door.


Puzzle-solving is time-consuming and is considered the best activity in an escape room. Considering the abovementioned puzzle types will boost your business if you are looking to start your own escape room business. 

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