Van Tools Should Have

Van Life: Top 5 Tools You Should Have in Your Van

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Van Tools Should Have

Van’s life is all about living a simpler existence away from the confines of a 9-to-5 job. This type of lifestyle is relaxed and carefree, with some van lifers spending most of their time on the road. If you are considering dropping your job and joining the van life movement, here are 5 tools that you will find useful in your van.


A multi-tool is a multipurpose hand tool that incorporates several different functions in one portable handheld tool. Although there are many different types to choose from, they often include handy tools such as a serrated blade, a miniature saw, a can opener, and pliers. Having so many individual functions in one unit can be incredibly useful, especially if you plan on living in your van long term. When on the road, some people enjoy parking and camping in nature. If this sounds like you, a multi-tool is the ideal implement for your journey.

Screwdriver Set

A multi-tool usually includes at least one screwdriver. Unfortunately, in some instances, you may find that you have an incompatible tool. For example, you might have a flathead screwdriver on your multi-tool but a Phillips screw to loosen it. For these instances, a screwdriver set can be practical to have in your van. A screwdriver set should come with a wide range of shapes and sizes of tools. They are useful for fixing up both the exterior and interior of your van and are often packaged in a streamlined box. Powerpoint Electrics Limited is an electrical wholesaler based in North Cheam. They have a huge range of handy tools on offer, including screwdriver sets.

Duct Tape

Duct tape might seem a bit basic, but it can help you out in a variety of situations. This sturdy tool can help hold items together temporarily, which gives you the chance to look for a long-term solution in the meantime. From wobbly furniture to loose parts on your van, duct tape is the miracle short-term solution. This quick fix can help get you out of sticky solutions while you’re travelling from A to B.

Jumper Cables

The last thing you want while you’re on your adventure is a dead battery. Luckily, having jumper cables in your van can help save your day. In addition, a battery booster will enable you to start up your van without the addition of another vehicle.

Bungee Cords

Bungee cords are one of those items that can be super useful in a variety of situations – much like duct tape. They can be used to prevent your belongings from moving around while you’re driving, they are strong enough to secure heavy loads, and they can be used to keep things in place both inside and outside of your van. Try to get your hands on a high-quality set. Your set should include bungee cords of varying sizes, so you can keep different types of objects secure.

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