How to Keep Car Cool in Summer While Parking in the Sun

Car cool summer parking in Sun

Excess sunlight can become the enemy of your car and damage several parts of its engine, rubber components, and the fluids present inside.

This usually happens in summer, specifically when we park our cars in the sunlight.

This article is for those who want to know about how to keep their car cool in summer while parking in the Sun.

Using Shades/Window Visors

Sunshades (Window Visors) are a great way to keep the interior of a car away from the sun. Sunshades are visors that are made up of a net or cloth.

You can put them up on the side windows and the rear window when parked in the Sun. Sunshades with darker colors (like black and blue) are best for the absorption of sunlight.

Slightly opening the windows while parking

Whenever parking, opening windows slightly will help in good cross-ventilation of air and will keep the car interior cool to an extent.

However, when opening the window, there will be many chances of any thief or robber getting his hands down on your car.

It would be advised to open only 1 or 2 windows and with a slight range so that nobody can put their hand inside.

Installing a Turbocharger intercooler

The intercooler is a device that cools the air compressed by turbocharging engines in turbo-powered cars.

Many cars have these systems in-built while many cars don’t have them. So if your car doesn’t have it, it would be worth it to install an intercooler.

Intercoolers are meant to keep your engine and other components cool. As the turbocharging engines compress the air with heat.

Intercoolers are great devices that help in keeping the temperature of the overall interior of the car and the engine cool.

The most prominent of these can be the use of a turbo intercooler, which can keep the car’s interior cool.

Use cooling cushions and solar fans

Cooling cushions and solar fans are great options to keep your seats and overall interior cooled.

Cooling cushions are electrical devices that fit into your car seats and work on air-conditioning of your car seat.

Solar fans are solar energy-powered fans that can be attached to the windows and keep the air cool inside a car. Solar fans also help in the ventilation of air.

Keep servicing and maintaining your Air conditioner

Keeping your Air-conditioner maintained and serviced can help improve its efficiency and performance.

Air-conditioners can give the most cooling to your car’s interiors. However, in extremely scorching sunlight, ACs can also get damaged. So, it would be worth it to focus on the maintenance of your Air-conditioner.


The best thing to prevent your car from being damaged in sunlight is to park your car in a shady and cool place.

However, many times when we visit any crowded place or public market, it’s not possible for us to get shade for parking. In that case, you check on the tips mentioned above.

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