Victorian Buckle Ring: All You Need To Know

Victorian Buckle Ring

Victorian jewellery is as popular today as it was a century ago, if not more so, as a global trend for the 1920s look is still with us. One superb design to come from the Victorian period is the buckle ring, which depicts a buckle in a belt, signifying union. Fine craftsmanship lends to amazing detail, with different metals used and the ring was believed to strengthen the bond between the giver and the wearer.

Symbol Of Loyalty

The buckle ring was not only used to signify romantic unions, but also friendships and brother-sister relationships, strengthening relationships, while also displaying allegiance, an important part of the nobility circles.

In Loving Memory

In Victorian times, wearing a buckle ring was a way of remembering a deceased friend or loved one; indeed, with British aristocracy, it was considered the thing to wear at the funeral. Consequently, there are many fine examples of Victorian buckle rings to be found at the online antique dealer’s website, if you are looking for something to remember a loved one by.

Queen Victoria

Queen Victoria wore a buckle ring, among other much coveted antique womens rings, to show membership to the Order of the Gata and this boosted the popularity of this unique style of ring. Like most trends, this filtered down through society, with ordinary folk wearing crude buckle rings made from timber or leather. Intricate wire also made for excellent buckle rings that were inexpensive and the artists of the time made wonderful jewellery items.

Multiple Metals

The combination includes white-yellow gold, gold & silver, and platinum-gold, with perhaps a touch of rose gold for the actual buckle. The jewellers of the Victorian period were highly skilled and a buckle ring was seen as an opportunity to create something very realistic, often incorporating gemstones to good effect.

Symbol Of Eternal Love

For some romantics, a buckle ring given to their partner signifies an eternal love that can never die or fade away. Queen Victoria certainly viewed her buckle ring as a symbol of her undying love for Albert, it is reported that the ring rarely left her finger and she no doubt continued to wear it after his passing.

The Perfect Anniversary Gift

If you are approaching your wedding anniversary, why not surprise her with an antique buckle ring? Start with a Google search to locate a leading antique dealer, then browse their selection; you simply type ‘buckle ring’ into the search window to reveal a selection of pieces. If you know her ring size, this will be a gift that she will treasure forever; there isn’t a woman alive that doesn’t like to show a special bond with their partner by wearing an antique buckle ring.

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