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Washington State Requirements for Scooter Helmets

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Scooter Helmets

Over the past few years, scooter use has skyrocketed across the state. Electric scooters have become a major danger, especially when their users collide with other persons, automobiles, or stationary objects. According to the web search results, Washington State has strict laws that require all motorcycle, moped, and motor-driven cycle riders to wear a helmet that meets the DOT standards. The helmet must have a hard outer shell, padding, and chin strap or neck that is fastened securely while the vehicle is in motion.

However, there is an exception for electric-assisted bicycles and motorized foot scooters, which are considered bicycles under Washington law. Riders of these vehicles must comply with the bicycle helmet laws, which vary by county and city. For example, in King County, all riders under 18 years old must wear a helmet that fits properly and is fastened securely. In Seattle, all riders regardless of age must wear a helmet that meets or exceeds the safety standards of ASTM, ANSI, CPSC, or Snell.

Therefore, if you are riding a scooter in Washington State, you should check the local laws and regulations to see if you need to wear a helmet and what kind of helmet is acceptable. You should also wear a helmet that protects your head and reduces the risk of injury in case of an accident. Do not wear a helmet just because of legal requirements, it also provides safety.  Here is whether or not scooter riders in Washington are required to wear protective headgear and what are your legal options

In Washington State, it is the law that riders of electric scooters must wear protective headgear.

According to RCW 46.37.530, helmets are required at all times for anybody riding a motorbike, moped, or motor-driven cycle on a state highway, county roadway, or municipal street. Please be aware that state law enforcement officers enforce this legislation for electric or motorized scooters like Lime and Bird despite the fact that the statute itself does not mention that these vehicles are subject to the same standards.

Individuals are not required to wear helmets while riding motorized scooters on private land, but if riders cross public roadways while on public property, they will be legally breaking the law if they do not have a helmet on. Anywhere someone may be riding an electric scooter, we insist they wear a protective helmet to protect their face, head, and brain from harm.

Studies Highlight Electric Scooter Risks

Around the time that electric scooters first gained widespread popularity in 2017, doctors all throughout the country began to express concern. Accidents involving electronic scooters increased, and injuries were often very serious.

Most people who were hurt while using these scooters did so due to a fall, a collision with something or someone else, or being struck by a moving vehicle or object.

  • Fractures accounted for forty percent of the injuries.
  • Head trauma accounted for 31.7% of the injuries.
  • Sprains, bruises, and cuts made up 27.7% of the injuries.

Can Financial Recompense Be Obtained For A Personal Injury? 

Contact a qualified attorney without delay if you or a loved one has been hurt in an electric scooter accident resulting from another person’s carelessness. Complex litigation calls for a thorough study of the circumstances surrounding the incident in question. Electric scooter accident victims in Washington may be entitled to sue for financial compensation for their medical bills, lost pay if they cannot work, property damage costs, and other pain and suffering damages if the incident was the fault of another person.

Therefore, speak to an experienced attorney who can help you get financial compensation.

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